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When you have oily or combination skin, you get used to your makeup sliding off of your face pretty quickly. Sometimes, it even feels like the shine on your nose and forehead is visible from outer space. You use all the right products that claim they will give you a dewy glow, and yet they only make your skin look greasier every. single. time. Even something as simple as applying highlighter gets tricky.

Your dream of achieving that supermodel glow feels so close, and yet so far. Believe it or not, there are simple hacks that make pulling off that glowy look super easy. Here’s how you can get that fresh out of the shower look even if you have oily skin.

1.  Two Words: Matte Primer
Never underestimate the power of a good primer, especially if it is mattifying. This helps you control those pesky oily areas without overpowering your natural shine. If you’re unsure where to start, BECCA’s Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector provides great coverage that lasts for up to 12 hours.

2. Apply powder to your T-Zone.
Your forehead and nose are usually the most oily parts of your face. Instead of applying powder all over, focus on controlling the shine in these specific areas. Wet your makeup sponge and dip it into mattifying powder. The added moisture will help the powder seep into your skin faster. Apply as needed throughout the day.

3. Dab your wet makeup sponge in foundation.
This trick also works for your foundation. Don’t worry, the water won’t make your foundation run. The added moisture will leave your skin feeling lighter and smoother. All you have to do is lightly wet your sponge and squeeze out the excess water. Next, add just enough of the product to the sponge to cover your face without it being too overwhelming. Be sure to use the tip of your sponge to get those hard-to-reach spots. Et voila, you’re done!

4. Yes, you CAN wear highlighter.
Pay close attention to the type you use. Powder-based products are perfect for oily skin. Illuminate your face by applying highlighter to your upper cheekbones and on your cupid’s bow. Doing this will bring attention to your sharpest features and skirt over any problem areas. Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance Baked Powder blends easily, glides on smoothly and isn’t too shimmery.

5. Speaking of shimmer, avoid it at all costs!
Trust us on this one. Shimmery/glittery highlighter is an oily skinned girl’s worst enemy since it gets greasy pretty quickly. Remember, you want to give your skin a freshly showered look, not make the oily areas more defined. Look for a highlighter that is more of a sheen, rather than straight up shimmer.

6. Hitting the gym? Dab your cheeks with a cream blush.
Fitness lovers, this one’s for you. If you’ve always wondered how you can get a runner’s rosy glow without the workout, cream blushes are the way to go. Not only do they add much needed color and compliment your skin’s natural texture, they become stronger the more you sweat. This may be the one makeup product that is actually perfect for the gym.

7. Use a setting spray as the finishing touch.
Keep your makeup in place with a setting spray. The best part about these magical beauty elixirs is that they combat oily skin without adding any extra weight to your makeup.