triangle blue bobby pins blonde hair
Image: Style Presso

Sometimes throwing your hair in a ponytail isn’t the easiest and best way to wear your hair when you’re running late and having a bad hair day. Ponytails, unless they’re low and loosened up, cause a lot of unnecessary strain on your hair and can lead to breakage. Not to mention headaches if they’re too tight! On a bad hair day, every girl knows ponytails can have awkward bumps and stray hairs too.

Avoid the stress of running late when you can figure out what to do with your hair, and try this quick bobby pin hair hack. We know you can’t seem to let all of your hair down, but pulling some pieces back can instantly fake fresh-out-of-the-shower hair. Instead of placing bobby pins in your hair to hold it back like you normally would, we’ll teach you a new way to hold it back that instantly adds style.

Here’s how to do the quick bobby pin hair hack.


  • 3 bobby pins
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairspray


  1. Use dry shampoo on any extra oily or greasy spots to reduce the shine and replenish some volume.
  2. Pull a section of hair on each side of your part to the back of your head. Allow the two sections to cross over so you can pin them together.
  3. Place one bobby pin horizontally so that it attaches the two sections to the hair on the backside of your head.
  4. Place the other two bobby pins at a 45 degree angle so that they’re forming a triangle with the horizontal bobby pin already in place.

With this bobby pin triangle you have a geometric hair pin that brings a modern and stylish look to your hair, instantly revamping it. Use bright colored or pastel bobby pins for even more of a fashionable look, or find floral and other patterned bobby pins.