modern bowl haircut

Don’t we all love wearing stylish, sophisticated and complicated hairstyles? Though they demand a lot of time and effort, they automatically make us the center of attention hence making us feel good about ourselves. Fortunately, there is a way through which your hair can continue looking great without necessarily having to spend too much time and energy on it. It all lies in your ability to adopt simple and pretty hairstyles. In this regard, here’s a list of the top 10 easy to create hairstyles that you should try:

1. Modern Bowl:


Unlike the classic bowl hairstyles, modern bowl has one side longer. To create it, section out the longer pieces of hair while they’re still wet, blow dry it from side to side while using a roller to smooth it against your head’s shape and, finish off by using a flat iron to smooth it a little bit more. Modern bowl is perfect for people with oval shapes as it helps in drawing more attention to their eyes and cheeks.

2. Morning Saver:

If your hair is too dirty to be worn down, morning saver will take care of that. In creating the style, tease the hair from the top to the crown, secure the newly teased hair with hairspray, gather it all into a low ponytail, use an elastic band to secure it, further tease the ponytail till it looks much fuller, wrap it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins before re-securing it with more hairspray.

3. Fishtail Frenzy:

Whenever you are in a hurry, this cute style can come in handy. It requires that you first loosely pull your hair back to the side to form a low ponytail (remember to leave some hair out), secure it with a band, make a fishtail braid and have it secured on the end with another band, use scissors to cut the first band and, use your fingers to loosen the fishtail before securing it with hairspray.

4. Messy Curls:

Messy curls enables you add more texture and playfulness to your hair. To create it, start by using a medium barrel iron to curl sections of your hair (in different directions) then use your fingers to comb it. To add extra texture, use your fingers to tease it a little bit more before finishing off by securing the messy curls with hairspray.

5. Messy Bun:

To create the messy bun hairstyle, gather your hair up high to form a ponytail, tease it so that the ponytail appears thicker, wrap it into a bun, have it secured using bobby pins and finish off by customizing it to your preference before securing it with hairspray. Messy bun is best suited for people wider facial structures.

6. Sleek and Shiny:

This style is best known to give one a sophisticated and chic look as well as enabling more light to get reflected from the hair. To get it done, apply the necessary product(s) to wet hair, blow dry it (straight) and finish by flat ironing it. If you have a wide face and would like it to appear narrower, this style will do the trick.

There being a wide variety of quick hairstyles that look great and are easy to put together, never again should you let yourself continue wearing the same style all week long.