Broken powder, foundation and brushes on the white background
Image: Shutterstock/Tatiana Mihaliova

Quick Makeup Routines

Running late again? Aren’t we all at times? When you absolutely can’t even with your morning makeup routine, but still want to look somewhat presentable, you’ll need to get creative. Below are several quick makeup routines to get out the door faster, but still look like you took the full amount of time on your makeup.

Just Hit The Basics

If you’re pressed for time, quit the heavy makeup layers. Just apply a tinted moisturizer with a blending brush. Blend in a concealer directly on your troubled spots like under your eyes and over blemishes. Add a quick cream blush over your cheekbones. Give a quick once over with an eyebrow brush if you have lighter eyebrows. Add a setting powder over your face. Apply mascara. Curling your eyelashes is optional. Apply a lip color that is close to your natural lip color, as those shades will not take tons of shaping and sculpting. Done.

Focus On Your Eyes & Lips

The method above is pretty basic. You’ll end up with a polished, but natural, look. And if you want a little more color, especially around your eye region, do this method instead. Apply a heavy dose of concealer over eye bags. Since this look focuses heavily on your eyes, you’ll want that area to look bright and alert. Blend the concealer well.

Put a thin layer of liquid foundation over your whole face. Fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, if needed. Use a quick primer on your eyelids, and then add a lighter shade of eye shadow. Too dark, and you’ll need much more sculpting. Add an optional eyeliner on your top, outer eyelids right above your eyelashes. Add mascara. You may use an optional blush over your cheekbones.

Since the look is quite understated, you can use a brighter lipstick to match the eye shadow. A basic, one-layer application of lip color should do it.

Go Minimalistic

Too pressed for time for even the quick makeup routines above? Okay, act fast: quickly swipe liquid concealer over the dark areas under your eyes and blend with your finger. Less time is then spent messing with more tools like brushes. Do the same with any blemishes. Use a powder foundation to even out your complexion and set the concealer. Quickly fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, if needed. Add some optional lip gloss and an optional quick dusting of blush on your cheekbones. Now run out the door.

(Bonus: If your hair is also a mess, mist it with some water in a spray bottle and lightly brush it. Then tie it up in a messy bun or simple ponytail.)