Green Tea
By: JD

Go ahead and call us green tea lovers, as it’s been featured in articles ranging from natural beauty products, treating acne, and anti-aging super-foods. So, this feels like a bit of overkill to be talking about it again, but each time before we featured it with other fantastic foods and products, and we felt it deserved its day in the spotlight.

If you want to know green tea’s secret we’ll tell you — catechins.  These beautiful little antioxidants help fight cell degradation throughout the body, from your brain, to your heart, and most importantly for our appearance, your skin. It’s possible catechins can even reverse the effects of cell damage, which is very important, because our skin is constantly taking a beating. Showing early signs of wrinkles? That’s cell damage from aging causing loss of skin elasticity, and being able to fight that damage is going to fend off wrinkles longer. And if green tea has restorative properties, it can also repair damage caused by UV (sun) light, another leading cause of wrinkles.

Great, but what if you’re young and gorgeous (Because you are!)? Green tea also increases blood flow throughout the body. Believe it or not, this increased blood flow is going to improve your complexion by giving you a healthy glow in your face and skin. You’ll naturally need less time in the sun to get the perfect tan. With bikini season here that’s a fantastic benefit. Not only does green tea improve natural skin tone, but in some people it can give them the appearance of wearing blush, even when they don’t have any on.

Drinking caffein free green tea also hydrates your body. Being dehydrated can dry out your skin and hair, which is never attractive. Your hair will naturally have more body and a healthy shine. Your nails will also be less brittle, which means broken nails can become a thing of the past. Hydration also keeps skin taut, further fighting wrinkles.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Green Tea

  • Steeping green tea in boiling water will break down those beneficial catechins. Heat your water to about 160-170 degrees. This will keep those catechins in good shape so they can perform their magic.
  • Add some lemon to your green tea. The vitamin C helps your body absorb the catechins.
  • Avoid pre-made or canned green teas. You have no way of knowing how it was made, and the beneficial nutrients in those products are usually lacking. Green tea is something that’s worth splurging on; organic and higher quality teas will likely have better health benefits.
  • Let’s not be wasteful, instead of tossing them in the trash bin, place them over your eyes for a good 5 minutes while you sip the green tea to fight under-eye circles. You can also scrub your entire face with the bag to fight blemishes and give you a healthy, instant glow.