blood red lipstick
Image: Instagram

The last thing you’d attempt to do when you’re rushing out the door is try to perfect your eyeliner wing, am I right? Don’t let a lack of time keep you from the perfect winged tip. For quick wings, you’ll only need makeup remover wipes, smokey eye shadow, and eye liner.


  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Dark grey eye shadow, or other smokey shades
  • Eye liner


  1. Begin by applying your grey or smokey eye shadow over your entire eyelid and out onto the outer edge of your eye. Don’t worry about perfection because you’ll be wiping some of it away later anyway.
  2. Place a makeup remover wipe in a diagonal line from your nose to the outer end of your brow. Wipe off everything covered by the wipe. You should now have a sharp diagonal line from your eye shadow.
  3. Apply eye liner on top of your shadow, starting from the inner corner of your eye to the outside, following the sharp line you just created. If your eyeliner slipped over the eye shadow line, then simply use a wipe to perfect the line.
  4. Complete your look with mascara and a little white or silver shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes.