Happy time despite bad weather
Image: Shutterstock/gpointstudio

Have you ever had the perfect look planned for your day? You know just what skirt to wear, these killer shoes, and the blouse or jacket that you’ve been dying to wear. Maybe you spent a good portion of your morning straightening or curling your hair, and another hour trying to get your winged eyeliner even. You’re finally ready, you open the door prepared to greet the day…and it’s raining! All your effort, all your primping goes to waste. Don’t give up hope! Follow these rainy day beauty hacks for looking flawless even when the weather isn’t.

Here are the only rainy day beauty hacks you’ll need.

Closing your hair’s cuticle for less frizz

Regardless of whether your hair is fine, thick, straight, curly, or some combination thereof, rainy weather can only mean one thing: frizz. Lots of it. Rafe Hardy, creative director at Sexy Hair, says the key to avoiding fuzzy texture is keeping the hair’s cuticle sealed. Hardy says, “Use a light mousse or gel all over the hair and work it through so that the entire follicle is smooth.” Other ways to close the cuticle are by using a lightweight silicone product when styling and rinsing hair with cold water at the end of your shower.

Packing your essentials

Make sure you prepare your makeup bag and keep it with you at all times. Put in a few extra products you might need to touch up with, and get to work a few minutes early to do any last-minute fixes in the mirror before you start your day. Makeup wipes, beauty blender sponges, and Q-tips are great items to keep with you in case of inclement weather.

Cream vs. Powder

You should opt for cream shadows and blushes instead of powder ones. Cream has longer staying power and can be blended more easily. When powder gets wet, it can tend to streak. Tinted moisturizers and BB/CC Creams are great foundation alternatives that require less time for applying and fixing.

Waterproof everything

Waterproof mascara is the most obvious choice, but waterproof makeup goes beyond what you use on your lashes. Using a stick foundation and made-to-last makeup (like a highly pigmented cream blush and lip stain) can get you through wet, rainy days without smudges and smears.

Going light on your makeup

Aside from the obvious tip of using waterproof makeup, celebrity makeup artist Paul Innis suggests steering clear of heavy moisturizers and foundation when humidity is high. We’ve all experienced the irritating face-melting effect of heavier makeup and high humidity, so instead try getting some color from a lightweight illuminating product.


To make sure your makeup is built to last, no matter the weather, primer is essential! There’s a makeup primer for every part of your face: lashes, eyeshadows (in a variety of styles and shades from creams to crayons), foundations and lip product primers. There are also powders that you can brush on to maintain and set your overall look.

Warding off the humidity

While an umbrella can help to lessen the likelihood of getting completely soaked, there’s definitely no hiding from humidity, so arm yourself with hair products that protect against steamy weather. One option is after styling, lightly coat your hair in an anti-humidity spray that also offers hold. If you’re especially prone to frizz, carrying a travel-size version of styling cream, or even a moisturizing hand cream, can be an indispensable help for touch-ups throughout the day.

Pulling back your hair

Rainy weather is the perfect opportunity to rock your hair in a chic chignon-style bun or slicked-back ponytail. If you want to wear your hair down, but it tends to get really frizzy in wet and humid weather, there’s a solution: style it as normal, then wrap it in a bun and take it down once you are inside and out from the rain. This creates a soft wave with no noticeable bumps or ponytail holder marks.

Finishing up

Once your face is complete and you’ve used your primers and waterproof cosmetics, there’s an additional step that can help your makeup weather the storms: finishing sprays. There are types designed to suit your every need, whether you’re trying to tone down oil, have a photo perfect look or maintain a dewy radiance. Makeup artists also have been known to rave over water-based facial sprays. A light mist of H20 can actually help set your makeup!

Taking cover

Now that your face is done, you’re ready to brave the elements. Here’s the time to break out your super cute rain boots and stylish umbrella! These will aid your outfit and hair from the damage of rain, but what about your makeup? Wearing a big pair of sunglasses — even though it’s cloudy — can be an excellent source of protection, because exposure to extreme wind, rain and even snow can do major damage to your eye makeup. Now’s the time to accessorize, for beauty’s sake as well as fashion’s!