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Everyone insists on the need to take vitamins, but slightly less well known are the benefits of wearing them. Using a face serum is not an estranged idea. If you take a few moments to recount all of the active ingredients, you can utilize a Vitamin C serum to a new greater effect.

What is a Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C is regularly used as a dietary supplement. If it is taken orally it can have great benefits to your body, but does not have a strong enough potency to promote healthy skin. This is very different if you are using a facial serum that contains Vitamin C. When applying the vitamin topically, it operates to smooth and remove wrinkles. It is water and oil based, but does not leave your skin oily. Vitamin C serums are designed to deliver a high concentration of the vitamin to your skin for fast-absorbing penetration.

Moisturizes Skin

Picking a Vitamin C Serum over a moisturizer is an easy choice because of its natural ingredients and all-encompassing effects. Ascorbic acid, an active ingredient in Vitamin C, is reveled because of its power to increase the water levels in your skin.

Brightening Effects

Skin is left with a brighter tone when using a Vitamin C serum. It will help diminish sun spots and give additional protection from the sun when paired with a simple sunscreen.

Increased Collagen Production

The soft plains of your face, its plumpness, is caused by our production of collagen. A Vitamin C serum will rejuvenate your face by signaling more collagen to be made.

Protects from Harmful UV Rays

UV Light is also known to damage skin and cause wrinkles, but by using Vitamin C you restore your skin while at the same time help prevent future damage.

Reduction in Scar Appearance

Vitamin C serum can act as a skin corrector to get rid of harsh scars over time. The formula acts as an antioxidant to promote a unified skin tone.

Free Radical Fighter

Without getting too technical, Vitamin C serums are a natural free radical fighter. Many cells of our skin are damaged every day because of free radicals in the air stealing the energy our skin uses to heal and restore itself. Vitamin C defends against this by donating neutrons, or energy to promote damage resistance.

On the constant journey to reverse the harsh effects of aging, Vitamin C can help restore your skin to its glory days. Natural remedies are a lot simpler and healthier than other store bought formulas. They are straightforward and have no hidden ingredients. The most difficult part and disadvantage of choosing a Vitamin C Serum is its low availability. It is, simply, a lot harder to find if you are not frequenting a health store. If you broaden your facial routine, you will find a lot of natural remedies like Vitamin C that can be used to improve blemishes, dry skin, age, and sun spots.

Some of our favorite Vitamin C serums: