If you’ve been to a salon to get your hair dyed red professionally, there’s a solid chance stylists have suggested taking it to the next level with blonde highlights. Red with blonde highlights is a stunning look that combines the warm tones of red with the warm tones of honey, or contrasts a cool silver blonde against a radiant red. The great thing about this style is how many ways you can go with it. The real trick to this look is deciding how you want to wear it. There are several options, all more stunning than the last.

Wispy Honey Highlights

Woman with Red base and Blonde Wispy Honey Highlights
Image: Pinterest

A deep, true red with thin honey highlights gives you the best warm-toned hair around. We love this blended combination.

Fire Red and Cool Blonde

Woman with Fire Red and Cool Blonde hair
Image: Pinterest

A very popular way to wear this look is to combine a bright copper red at the base with tones of light honey blonde. It adds further dimension and radiance to make the red really pop.

Color Melt

Woman with Red and Blonde Color Melt
Image: Pinterest

Another way to wear the look is to go with a red on top that turns to blonde highlights in the middle of the length and ends with blonde tips.

Half and Half

Woman with split dye hair
Image: Pinterest

This style is the perfect way to combine both hair colors. Dye half of your hair burgundy and the other half a cool tone blonde for a bold, stunning look.

Blended Red and Blonde

Woman with warm highlights throughout bold auburn hair
Image: Pinterest

If a bold split hair isn’t for you, choose a more blended, even style by combining auburn and honey dye throughout.

Beautiful Burgundy Balayage

Image: Pinterest

This beautiful burgundy balayage is definitely one of our favorites. This look is perfect anytime of the year!

These are just some ideas to get you started, of course. Feel free to get creative with the style and make it your own!

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