You look in the mirror one morning and suddenly you notice something new—when did those fine lines under your eyes appear? And how can you treat them?

Even if you’ve been using preventive measures, those pesky fine lines underneath your eyes can still creep up. We’ve all been there, and fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce fine lines under the eyes and prevent additional ones.

Start With Basics

Moisturize with an anti-wrinkle eye cream that not only treats fine lines but prevents new ones from forming. Good options include the StriVectin Multi-Action Eye Cream, with peptides to diminish all signs of undereye aging, or the RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, with retinol to treat lines. Be sure to follow-up with sunscreen for additional prevention, and use your eye cream both morning and evening for maximum effectiveness.

Boost Your Routine

Undereye masks provide intense hydration and line-fighting ingredients that boost your daily regimen. They are easy to use and offer targeted treatment with effective ingredients. Try the Shiseido Pure Retinol Smoothing Eye Mask for a hit of wrinkle-treating retinol or any of the Sephora Collection Eye Masks. The Lingzhi Eye Mask uses properties of the lingzhi mushroom to minimize signs of aging around the eye and the Honey Eye Mask, a personal favorite, deeply moisturizes with its namesake ingredient, resulting in a plumper undereye area. Pat the leftover serum from the mask into your under eye area afterward, and follow up with your eye cream for additional treatment.

Do Double-Duty

Use products that not only conceal fine lines and other signs of aging but that help treat as well. The Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer contains Vitamins A and E, which are essential wrinkle-fighting ingredients. The Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer contains the brand’s serum to help support plumper, smoother undereye skin. You can even layer these cosmetics with your skincare for more anti-aging action.

Avoid Tugging

Be careful not to tug on the delicate under eye area when using creams or applying/removing makeup, as this can create new lines and cause current ones to set in. Tap on moisturizers, concealers, and powders with your fingers, an applicator, or a brush. When using makeup remover, gently press the soaked cotton pad on your eye for five to ten seconds and pat away any excess makeup, instead of rubbing. Use an effective eye makeup remover, such as the Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, to easily remove all traces of eye makeup, even waterproof products.

Doctor, Doctor

You may decide you want a treatment with faster results, and in that case, speaking to your dermatologist about in-office procedures is a good choice. These procedures are increasingly affordable, require little-to-no downtime, and may provide more dramatic results than over-the-counter options. Options such as chemical peels and micro-needling target fine lines, while fillers can help plump skin.

With the right corrective products, you can effectively treat fine lines under eyes.