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It’s time to face the facts: Pimples are just an inevitable part of life. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to just grit your teeth and wait it out when a zit rears its unwelcome head. If pimple redness is getting you down, there are simple solutions to reduce inflammation and discoloration that you should consider.

Below, we’ve listed four at-home remedies to reduce pimple redness. These easy tricks are known to quickly shrink zits so that you can get on with your day without worry or insecurity.

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a trusted and widely used acne remedy. Recommended by dermatologists everywhere, this OTC solution is available in creams, spot treatments, gels, and washes.

Benzoyl peroxide is known to quickly reduce pimple size and reduce pimple redness by treating bacteria that’s been trapped in your pores. It will help shed the affected skin and promote the growth of new, healthy skin cells. Benzoyl peroxide is available in different strengths, generally from 0.5% to 10%. Those with sensitive skin should start with a low concentration of benzoyl peroxide to avoid excessive dryness or irritation.

2. Ice

One of the simplest ways to minimize the appearance of a red pimple is to put ice on it. Ice is a known remedy for inflammation, and there’s no reason why it can’t work on acne, too!

To ice a pimple, wrap an ice cube in a thin towel or cloth. Apply the ice cube in the fabric to your skin for about 60 seconds. You shouldn’t ice the pimple for too long; otherwise, you may cause a cold burn or irritation on the surrounding skin. Icing a large acne breakout will help reduce pimple redness, pain, and swelling.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a popular and natural solution to reduce acne redness. This essential oil works to help control inflammation and redness-causing bacteria when applied topically to the skin.

To use tea tree oil as a pimple redness remedy, you should always either dilute it with another oil, such as olive oil, or use a product with tea tree oil as an active ingredient. Many face washes and masks include tea tree oil to improve overall skin appearance and minimize redness. Find our favorite here.

4. Anti-Redness Eye Drops 

It may seem strange, but anti-redness eye drops are a fantastic solution to pimple redness. Eye drops that contain Tetrahydrozoline are effective at reducing eye redness by reducing the appearance of blood vessels. When you apply a small amount of anti-redness drops to a pimple, it will have the same effect.

Eye drops aren’t a permanent solution to pimple redness and the effect will wear off. So, this solution is a fitting choice if you need a quick acne remedy to look your best at a big event or special occasion.

Pimple redness can be quite frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be like that for long. The acne solutions listed above will help minimize your breakout symptoms as quickly as possible. When your skin feels clear and beautiful, it can improve your entire day in a major way.