black and white makeup
By: Sharon Wesilds

In this life, there are a lot of things that look stunning in shine, like jewelry. But, the last thing that should be allowed to look shiny is your face. Not only does shine make you look messy but also gives the impression that you just walked out of the gym without first taking a shower. The key solution to handling these kinds of misconceptions is to adopt the world’s easiest ways to reduce shine on your face such as:

 1. Going Oil-free:

If your skin is capable of producing more than enough oil, why apply more? Actually, applying oil on an already shiny skin is more likely to clog your pores hence causing skin breakouts. Hence, the most ideal solution is to use facial products, such as moisturizers, blush and foundation that don’t contain oil as well as using toners and cleansers that have been infused with glycolic and/or salicylic acids. These acids work by cutting down the production of excess oil. You may also consider using treatment masks that have been made from bentonite or kaolin clay for they help in naturally absorbing excess oil from the skin.

2. Using Blotting Papers:

No matter how matte your face may look in the morning, if you have a shiny face, the shine is bound to take over after a couple of hours. The solution to this is to press (not rub) a blotting paper on the shiny area before rolling it off the skin. This method helps get rid of the shine without interfering with your makeup. Just in case you run out of blotting papers, you can use toilet seat covers or paper towels.

3. Using Primers:

Primers, especially mattifying ones, are the best products that a girl/lady with a shiny face should adopt. They are known to reduce the skin pores size as well as control the production of oil hence, making your face remain matte all day long. When shopping for these, always look out for ones that contain silicone.

4. Using Minimal Amounts of Powder:

To many people, powder is the answer to all of their shiny face problems. But did you know that the more powder you use, the more the body pushes out oil out of your pores? This is because powder only works for a limited amount of time and after that, it stimulates rather than inhibits the problem.

5. Using Alcohol or Apple Cider Vinegar:

You can use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol or apple cider vinegar to rub off that extra shine from your face. These two helps in absorbing excess oil as well as cleaning the skin hence, leaving it shine free and fresh.

6. Exfoliating Regularly:

Though exfoliating doesn’t really reduce the shine on your face, it sure assists in getting rid of the dead skin cells. Absence of dead skin cells ends up making the above mentioned products more effective.

Lastly, it goes without saying that you ought to eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits for they help in promoting a healthy skin, drinking enough water as it hydrates and cleanses the skin. Don’t forget to exercise on regular basis.

There being no permanent solution directed towards the prevention of a shiny face, all that you can do is embrace the above points in your everyday life so as to reduce the problem.