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How to Rock Mermaid Shades on Your Eyes

July 14, 2017
Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Your dream of becoming a real life mermaid is one brush away. By now, you’ve noticed that your Instagram feed is swimming with sparkling mermaid makeup tutorials. Here’s how you can join the mermaid eyeshadow trend and snag a shimmery look that is fit for a princess.

Sea Green and Blue Eyeshadow

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Here’s how you can emulate the ocean breeze. This glittery sea green and blue eyeshadow blend will give you a much needed glow. Before putting on any eyeshadow, it’s important to apply a neutral primer to your lid. Keep up with the mermaid theme by using a white/pearl base.

Next, use a small brush to apply the shimmery green eyeshadow from the middle of your lid all the way to the corner. Depending on how detailed you want your look to come out, you can gently dab another eyeshadow in a slightly lighter shade over the outer corner. It looks more “realistic” if it is in the same color family. Once you blend it to your liking, add a layer of blue eyeshadow to your inner corner for a more dramatic look.

Finally, you can make your eyes pop further by going over your entire lid with pearl colored glitter.

Rose Gold Eyeshadow

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

If you’ve been trying to find an everyday makeup routine, look no further. This rose gold smoky eye is subtle enough for the office while still giving off that mermaid princess vibe. To begin, apply layer of beige or brown primer over your lid. Keep going up until you reach your brow.

Next, find a rosy eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone and shade in your lid from your lash line to your crease. To give off the smoky eye look, think about your eyelid as three separate parts: the middle and two corners. Use a small brush to apply a metallic shade to the outer corner of your eye. In order to do this correctly, create a triangle shape by drawing a vertical line to connect your lash line to your crease. Gently fill it in.

Next, add definition to your crease and lash line by using a brown liner. You can also tie your look together by adding the metallic eyeshadow to your lower lash line. Now, create a triangle on the inner corner of your eyes using a lighter shade than the rosy eyeshadow you used earlier. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Go bold with a dark mascara on both your upper and lower lash line.

Purple and Teal Eyeshadow


Getting ready for a night out? Go for a mysterious look. After applying primer, dust the outer V of your eye (the area that is right above your eyelid and ends under your brow) and crease in a deep mauve color. Next, layer a shimmery lavender color in the middle of your lid. Picture a rectangle for this step. Then, fill in the inner corner of your lid using a real eyeshadow. Blend until you have a seamless transition between the colors. Optional: Add a hint of mauve and lavender to your lower lash line for an extra sparkle!


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