rose gold hair color
Image: Pexels

When you think that the coolest thing to have is a brand new iPhone, a new trend of rose gold hair color will prove you wrong. This hair trend is getting more popular with no signs of slowing down. #RoseGoldHair is still trending on Instagram with thousands of pictures coming through every day. Even celebrities are hopping aboard in sporting rose gold hair color.

If you are looking for a new color and you do not wish to dye your entire head of hair, go bold with a rose gold hair color! You can experiment by coloring your hair in sections or streaks.

A rose gold hair color can blend well with blond hair since it’s just a little tonal change from the original color. In this case, the change is subtle. For anyone with dark hair, they would be making a major shift from brown to blond. So you may want to think about it first. If you still insist on having your hair dyed, then get ready to say goodbye to your natural color for a very long time, at least until the dye washes out.

Reasons for Rose Gold Hair Color

Coloring the hair in a rose gold combines the finest of bright colors and that girlish style that gives you a look that would stand out no matter where you are or what you wear.
Rose gold also blends in with other colors seamlessly and it looks good on any skin type. These colors can blend really well with, if not all, natural hair colors like dark brown, auburn, and even ash.

For women with blond hair, a rose gold color is ideal; it brings your hair color a shade darker without you moving totally to a darker color. There are different rose gold hair color shades to choose from.

Shades of Rose Gold Hair Color

  • Although any shade of rose gold color you chose will likely suit you, some differences in the color mixture might work better for some than for others.
    Here is a small list of the most popular shades that can help you in making the best decision:
  • Peaches and warm golds.
  • Ash blonde and lavender.
  • Balayage highlights


If you are a blonde, then you are super lucky! The application is easier. Any experienced hair colorist will be able to give you a gorgeous rose gold hair color look. There is no need to bleach your hair at all, and if you are brave, you can easily fix yourself up with a box of Manic Panic to achieve the same effect on your own.

If you have darker hair, you should take caution about which hair colorist you patronize. To get a rose gold color on your hair, it requires bleaching the hair and a bad bleaching experience can cause extreme damage to the hair.

Since rose gold hair color can go so well with nearly any natural hair color, there is no reason for you not to decide to keep your hair roots the same virginal color and simply go with dyeing only the lower part of the hair. You can opt to dye a few parts close the front too.

It is better that you do not wash your hair for about two to three days after dyeing it. And when washing, use a shampoo product that is color safe and use lukewarm to cool water.