rose gold hair

Everyone knows that P!nk, aka pompadour queen, made the hot shade a go-to color for every tween out there dancing along to “Get the Party Started.” But luminous, hot pink is kind of passé by now. You could say we’ve grown out of those shades and moved on to more mature, chic colors.

Enter, Rose Quartz, aka Pantone Color of the Year.

Or as most unpretentious people would call it, Rose Gold.

Now, it’s not a completely new shade. In fact, celebs like Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry have been known to catch on to the blush blonde trend, albeit a little less successfully in our opinion (don’t worry, we’re still Katy Cats).

Lucky for us, everyone interprets Rose Gold pretty differently. Fall 2016, we’re seeing this color on the rise again with varying degrees of rosiness for pale and dark strands, some opting for a light, crisp version, some want a deeper, fuller coverage, and others just want the rose without the gold.

“Traditional” Rose Gold

If you want to see what the most basic light Rose Gold shade looks like, Kylie Jenner recently sported one (before she gave up on it like all her other hair colors).

Dusty (Red) Rose Gold with copper tones

Or the romantic “Desert Rose” shade that Emma Roberts coated her hair with earlier this year. With her muted red base and copper highlights, the dusty rose subdues the look and gives it almost a creamy effect.

Cool-toned Rose Gold + Lavender

The color is a perfect blend of the two Pantone Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity, which is a lavender. The two combined together are giving us this lilac dream. If you want something even more unique than the standard pink rose gold, this two-tone job is perfect for winter time.