Sagittarius Woman

Active and energetic are the main characteristics of a Sagittarius woman. To be able to have a healthy body she needs to keep her life fairly healthy. A Sagittarius is vibrant in nature, and she always desires to stay in good shape. If you know a Sagittarius, or are one, you know they will always watch their current weight. This sign is the queen of diet and a healthy lifestyle.

A Sagittarius woman loves to workout and exercise

As a zodiac sign who loves sports, games, and adventure, a Sagittarius enjoys physical exercise frequently. She will do any kind of fitness or sports, and will attach a diet plan to her physical activity for optimum results. Although Sagittarius are well known for being food lovers, they are also considered health enthusiasts, and maintaining their body weight is important to them. Jogging, basketball, and volleyball are ideal sports for this sign because they provide a good physical workout to help them achieve their goal.

Nuts and fruits are good meals

The Sagittarius woman needs to keep her diet healthy and balanced. She will eat anything that is healthy, and nutritious. Being smart in choosing the best food for her daily consumption is a must to help her metabolism work well. Adding nuts and fruits into her meal plan and onto the grocery list is important to the Sagittarius. Any kind of nuts are high-protein foods that help the body to preserve its high energy. High protein content should always be added to the list as well. Adding fruits to the nuts can help the her to stay healthy and strong. Fruits and nuts are the two symbols linked to Sagittarius zodiac sign as well.

The Sagittarius woman has to focus on her liver

Due to a lifestyle of being sociable and dealing with a lot of people, a Sagittarius woman tends to consume food when she is hanging out with a bunch of friends. Thus, fat-burning activity is on her “must-do” list. Not only does she loves to do exercise, but also she is more prone to gaining weight in her lifetime. Sagittarius women are known to have problems with their liver, so to prevent this, a Sagittarius needs to continue her routine workouts and watch the food she consumes. Alcohol and caffeine are items to avoid. Chocolate, condensed milk, processed foods, sugars, and candy are also foods items to avoid because they can increase the risk of liver problems. Controlling or eliminating artificial sweeteners can be supported by switching to stevia as a replacement.

A Sagittarius woman has high confidence in herself. She is also lively and colorful at the same time. By implementing these lifestyle plans, a Sagittarius woman will have the energy to join in any social or outdoor activity she wants.