As beauty enthusiasts in sync with the latest trends, eyelashes have become an integral part of our lives. We see them everywhere on different people – friends, influencers, celebrities, to name a few. From enhancing makeup and eye shape to making your face pop and drawing attention, there are lots of reasons eyelashes are essential. It is no surprise that today, lashes are now considered non-negotiable in the beauty and makeup industry.

So, the rise in the demand for eyelash extensions, as well as the distinct eye characteristics of different individuals, calls for a look into the market to access options that will make you look more glammed up and breathtakingly beautiful at home. Are you confused about the types of eyelashes on the market and wondering what’s best for you? Sit back, relax, and read along as we highlight some of the best lash extensions around.

1. FADLASH Lash Extensions D Curl

FADLASH is a big name in the eyelash industry with a wide range of lash extensions with different lengths, curls types, and thicknesses that are perfect for various eye shapes, sizes, and types.

For beautiful lash extensions that will widen your eyes and enhance their beauty, the FADLASH Lash Extensions D Curl is a great option. This particular lash extension will give you the desired look and boost your confidence. Also, the lash extension is made of silk and will give you a more dramatic look with its thicker material.

Why we love FADLASH Lash Extensions D Curl:

  • Easy application
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for wide eyes
  • Long-lasting usage
  • Comfortable

2. Quewel Volume Eyelash Extensions

As the name implies, Quewel Volume Eyelash Extensions add volume to your natural lashes and give you a unique fluttery look to make your eyes pop. This particular volume eyelash is an instant confidence booster, and the comfortable styling as well as durability are some of the reasons these eye lash extensions are loved by many. They also come in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls, making them useable by anyone.

Why we love Quewel Volume Eyelash Extensions:

  • Universal usage
  • Cruelty-free
  • Light and fluffy
  • Easy to apply

3. Ardell Natural Lash

The Ardell Natural lash is a waterproof option with many incredible benefits that make them a big favorite in the eyelash market. Apart from its natural length and easy blending, these lashes are produced by the Ardell brand, which is a household name in the beauty and makeup industry – and renowned for its every day lashes.

Why we love the Ardell Natural Lash:

  • Very affordable
  • Available in many stores around
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be customized

4. KISS Products So Wispy Lashes

It is really no surprise that we have a KISS product on the list, right? KISS is a big name in the lashes industry and they have an array of faux eyelash options for every shape, face, style, and mood. They are easy to apply and blend naturally with your real lashes. Added bonus, they are reusable and come in multi packs!

Why we love the KISS Products So Wispy Lashes:

  • Wide array of lash options
  • Low price
  • Competitive quality
  • Easy to use
  • Readily available in stores around

5. VAVALASH Eyelash Extensions

The Vavalash brand is notable for its beautiful line of eyelash extensions containing a wide variety of single lashes for different eye shapes and sizes. What makes them more unique is the ability to choose the curl, length, and thickness that you desire from the lash extension tray to get your desired flawless look. Also, these lashes are handmade from high-quality silk materials.

Why we love VAVALASH Eyelash Extensions:

  • Silky feel
  • Easy to apply (even for beginners)
  • 100% handmade
  • Tender feel like real mink lashes
  • High-quality

6. TDANCE Premium D Curl Eyelash Extensions

Another product that will help enhance your natural lashes is the TDANCE Premium D Curl. These lash extensions will provide you with any look you dream of for almost every occasion. They also come in different varieties, including length, thickness, and curl style. And they are made from premium quality Korean faux mink, which makes them last longer and maintain stability after usage.

Why we love TDANCE Premium D Curl Eyelash Extensions:

  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to wear
  • Produced with premium Korean faux mink
  • Long-lasting

7. LASHVIEW Easy Fan Volume Lashes

These beautiful eyelash extensions are made from faux mink and silk to give your face a beautiful and shiny natural look. Just like the other highlighted lash extensions, these lashes also come in different styles, thicknesses, and lengths for any shape you desire.

Why we love LASHVIEW Easy Fan Volume Lashes:

  • Lightweight
  • Produced with faux mink and silk
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Natural look