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Save Money On Makeup With These 7 Hacks

In the perfect world, we’d all have as much money as we wanted to spend on makeup. But maybe bills are due or you’re saving for something bigger. In that case, you’ll want your makeup to stretch a bit longer so you can save for that trip or those bills. Below are several hacks to save money on makeup.

Layer Full Lips With Liner

This seems like you’d be using more makeup, but by layering your lips with a thin application of lip liner, your lipstick will keep that much longer. It’s trading a little extra lip liner for a whole ton of lipstick you’d otherwise be reapplying.

Remember To Cut Open Bottles

You may have seen this on YouTube a time or two: cutting the bottoms off bottles to get the last of the product. Dispensers on bottles always seem to leave product left over, especially in pump bottles where the pump tube is conveniently too short. So to get at that pesky last use or two, cut off the bottom five inches or so of the bottle and scoop out the product. This works well on items like foundation tubes.

Reuse Products

If you have products where there’s just a small bit left over, or you have an eye shadow shade you’re not digging for your eyes, think about how to reuse these products. For instance, mixing crushed eye shadow with some clear nail polish to color preference can turn a color that looked terrible on your eyes into a great shade for your nails. Your lipstick could also double as a blush. Or your eye shadow could be a gloss by combining it with Vaseline. Feel free to get creative.

Go DIY With Your Brush Cleanser

Sometimes brush cleansers can get pretty pricey. Since you don’t actually put it on your face, it’s often the first place you can cut expenses. And it’s super easy to make. One very common method is to combine one part olive oil to one part dish soap or Castile liquid soap.

Make Savvy Swaps

Ask yourself if you really need that top-of-the-line makeup tool right this second. Sometimes you can find cheap alternatives, like paintbrushes instead of makeup brushes, which are much cheaper than your high-end makeup brushes.

Similarly, you could also buy the cheaper versions of brand name makeup products, like swapping MAC products with Maybelline. If you can’t live without high-end products, consider saving them for events, and use the less expensive brands for daywear.

Reuse Your Brushes

This trick works well for mascara brushes. If you have a bottle with a great, expensively designed brush, keep and wash the brush. Then reuse that brush with a cheaper product. You’ll save money and feel like you’re using the more expensive product.

Go Cheap On Makeup Removers

Makeup removers don’t have to be expensive or overly complicated. Simply rub off makeup using coconut oil (for dry skin) or baby shampoo (for oily skin). Both are a fraction of the cost of many makeup removers, and coconut oil is so multi-purposed it makes sense to keep it around.