Semen Facial
Image: Lucky Business

Semen is associated with sex and specifically for making babies but this is not the only purpose of semen. In the past couple of years, a lot of research on semen has been done to discover its other uses. Today, semen is being used to treat depression, tooth decay, skin related problems and even has been used to enhance the taste of food. For a second, this may seem strange but this is the truth. People all around the world is using semen for many purposes other than just for making babies and sex. These factors are due to the rich nutrition count of semen and sperm.

Nutrition of Semen

Semen or sperm is very low in calories but it is full of other nutrition which makes it one of the important fluids to use for other purposes including doing a semen facial. Only one teaspoon of semen contains zinc, protein, fructose sugar, enzymes, water, phosphate, ascorbic acids, and bicarbonate etc. But not all semen fluids contain these nutritions. There are many factors taken into consideration which include the man’s age and how the semen has been ejaculated.

Semen facial – Yes it does exist!

While there are many other uses of semen, one of them, which has been proven by many people, is related to its effect on the skin. People are getting semen facials to treat their aging signs and wrinkles. According to some online reviews, semen facials help to make the skin soft and smooth. Even there are some spas in New York that are offering a semen facial to their clients due to its demand.

  • Tightens the skin:

Semen is full of protein. It is the only nutrient in semen which has been found in the maximum amount. This protein can help to tighten your skin where other nutrients like zinc, calcium, and magnesium help to make it smooth. On the very first semen facial, you will feel a great difference.

  • Prevent skin wrinkles:

Spermine is a chemical compound which has been used in anti-wrinkle skin formulas. Spermine is also found in semen. By applying semen on the face, specifically on affected areas, you can get rid of the wrinkles within weeks.

  • Semen as natural toner:

Another benefit of a semen facial is that you do not need to apply extra toner because semen also works as natural toner due to its chemical compound called urea.

  • Treat your acne with semen:

Another important chemical of semen is zinc. Zinc can help to repair damaged tissues and wounds on the skin. While it is not in great amount but regular use of semen on your acne can help to treat it.

  • It can smooth your skin:

One of the first things which you will feel after getting a semen facial is a smoother complexion. This happens due to a property in semen called enzymes. This helps to break the dead cell-like keratin protein which results in smoother skin.