septum piercing
Image: Pexels

The word septum is given to the part of the nose that acts as a partition wall between two airways. The cartilage wall between the two nostrils is called a Nasal Septum. A septum piercing is completed when the gap between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose is pierced with a horseshoe or a ball closure ring.

What is septum piercing?

Piercing of the septum has been in practice since the early ages. With certain cultures, larger accessories indicate a fiercer tribal look. This was a symbol to alert other tribes or impending enemies of their strength and their braveness to fight and win.

How Is It Done?

The procedure is performed when the cartilage wall is pierced between the two nostrils. This is done using a sterilized needle that is made of gold or silver. Sterilized wire is also used in some procedures. The normal size of the needle used in most piercing is 1.6mm in width. Depending on the individual, the width could be wider. The septum can only hold accessories according to the width of the pierced part. Wider accessories are available upon request of the individual. If this is the case, the piercing will be done surgically involving a scalpel.

Before the nose is pierced, it is cleaned and disinfected. The procedure can be quite painful if performed by an amateur or someone who is not an expert in the field. Otherwise, the procedure itself is completed without any difficulty or side effects.

The recovery process takes around two or three weeks, depending on the individual, to dry and heal. The slightest accident in the form of bumping or hitting the nose can result in more pain which can cause a setback. Complete recovery time takes around six to eight months.

Septum Piercing Recovery and Care

The recovery process is more important and can get tedious after a septum piercing.

  • After your septum piercing, you can expect to experience swelling due to secretions. A white fluid occurs due to the body’s reaction to the piercing. However, if these secretions change to a yellow or greenish color, this could be a sign of an infection. In this case, it is wise to seek medical attention immediately.
  • Keep the accessory inside the pierced areas as these fluids continue to discharge. It can cause further complications from to trying to remove it. In addition, you can risk closing the pierced hole.
  • Once the septum piercing is healed, keep this area clean using warm water with a mix of sea salt. First, remove the accessory and apply the water mixture to the area using a cotton ball.
  • Your septum piercing can heal much faster by changing up on your lifestyle choices. Experts advise that alcohol is known to prolong the time it takes for the septum to heal. Avoiding alcohol consumption and facial products that contain any amount of alcohol can help speed up the time of complete recovery. As mentioned earlier, cleaning the freshly pierced septum is a must. Any negligence can lead to infections and further complications.