A major dilemma faced by many makeup lovers is deciding if a setting spray vs powder is better for them. You know setting sprays and setting powders can both help lock in your makeup, but are there any differences between the two? If yes, which one is better? More importantly, which one is right for you?

Not to worry. In this comprehensive article, we will be talking about setting sprays vs powders. And at the end of the article, you will have your answers.

Setting spray vs powder options

When applying makeup, the main goal is to achieve a last-longing effect. Nobody wants to invest so much time, effort, and money into makeup just to have it smudge within a few hours. Unfortunately, this is real life and happens all too often. We all probably remember a time when we had makeup on, and after a bit of sweating, the face became a mess.

So, whether you work out, have oily skin, or have an outing on a humid day, you want to ensure that your makeup stays put all day long. That’s where a good setting spray or setting powder comes into play.

First things first…

What is a Setting Spray?

Setting spray options

As the name implies, a setting spray is a fine, misty liquid that you apply after the rest of your makeup. Unlike setting powders, sprays are easier to apply because you only need to spray it on your face and then let dry. There are many setting spray products on the market, and they have different finishes – from matte to dewy. But similar to setting powder, setting spray extends the longevity of your makeup and provides a flawless finish.

What is a Setting Powder?

Woman holding setting powder and powder brush

A setting powder is a loosely milled powdery substance (often translucent) that can match different skin tones. Unlike your normal powders, setting powders are meant to be applied after all other makeup products. When applied over makeup, the setting powder locks in the makeup and enhances its longevity.

Setting powders are generally designed to absorb excess oil and moisture from the face using major ingredients like talc, silica, and cornstarch. At the same time, they leave the skin with a smooth and provide a well-blended look.

Setting Spray vs Powder

Setting spray vs powder

Choosing between a setting spray and setting powder is highly dependent on your skin type and color. For example, people with dry skin will find setting sprays more suitable because unlike powders, they do not draw attention to wrinkles or fine lines. They also add moisture to the skin’s surface. Similarly, when a setting powder is used, the skin tends to absorb some of its contents, but setting sprays are devoid of this.

Also, if you have a dark skin tone, you will find setting sprays more suitable. This is because people with very dark skin tones may be unable to find a setting powder that is really compatible with their skin color.

On the other hand, people with oily skin will get the best result from setting powders. Powders absorb excess oil and create a smooth surface with a flawless look. Powders help keep your foundation in shape and are also great because they can blend seamlessly.

Setting powders are also more suitable for people who love baked makeup looks. Baking your makeup involves applying a lot of setting powder on your face and leaving it for a few minutes, after which any excess powder is dusted off. Once the process is complete, your makeup will be well highlighted, and you’ll have a crease-free and poreless look.

How to Apply Setting Spray vs Powder

Ready to keep your makeup simple and sweet? A setting spray is the answer for you. To apply a setting spray, hold the spray bottle about 8 to 10 inches away from your face, shut your eyes and mouth, then spray the mist all over.

Similar to setting sprays, setting powders should be applied after your makeup is done. To apply, use a large buffing brush to put the powder on your face using circular motions. Eventually, the powder dissolves into your skin to absorb excess oil and lock the make up in.

Final Thoughts

As with every other beauty and makeup products, you need to consider your needs, skin type, and color. A setting powder works better with oily skins, while a setting spray is more suitable for dry skin.

If you are finding it difficult to figure out if a settings spray vs powder is better for you, consult a makeup professional to help you decide.

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