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Monday Motivation: Don’t Go To Work With Hairy Legs

Yes, we did just call you out. Most women hate shaving their legs, but we all love the feel of silky, smooth legs, so why don’t we just suck it up and shave when we should? Well, perhaps it’s because every time we shave we cut our legs and end up late for work because we can’t get the bleeding to stop. The real problem to address here is the products we’re using for shaving.

If you simply use bar or gel soap then it’s no surprise you dread shaving your legs. Plain soap just won’t cut it. And if you’re using shaving gel, save money and try one of our ideas instead. Baby oil and conditioner are two budget-friendly options that work wonders for your legs. Of course baby oil will give you oil-soft skin, but it also provides a thick barrier to protect your skin from scrapes, while allowing the blade a close shave. It’s important to moisturize your skin both during and after you shave. Baby oil will allow you to get incredibly moisturized while shaving your legs.

If you don’t have baby oil, opt for conditioner. Conditioner is something you should already have on hand. Besides, doesn’t everyone love knocking out multiple beauty routines with one product?

Shaving your legs doesn’t have to be all horror stories and pain. Kick your hairy leg habit in the butt and try shaving with baby oil or conditioner for a much better (and safer) time.