shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are definitely a popular choice for a lot of women. Almost everyone has them, no matter what their body type may be. Whether you have the hourglass, banana, pear, or apple body type, there’s always going to be that one style of skinny jeans that’s going to look good on you.

A great pair of skinny jeans also transcends any season. You can wear them from winter, spring, summer, and all the way to fall. Just update your choice of top as well as accessories, and voila! You’ve got yourself a weather-appropriate outfit.

Endless: That’s exactly the right word to describe the possibilities of dressing up skinny jeans. Thus, the versatility and flattery it offers has made these kinds of jeans a closet staple. But, what are the right shoes to wear with skinny jeans?

To amp the style factor, it’s also important to give attention to the footwear. The choice of shoes can take the outfit to different levels.

Check out this guide on which shoes to wear with skinny jeans:

Thigh-high boots

Go all out and be daring enough to pair skinny jeans with thigh-high boots. This fashion statement is on point, and has become a go-to wardrobe during the cold weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s high or low heeled, or if it’s made of leather or suede. Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, and Cameron Diaz are just some of the celebrities who rocked this style.


Fashion Week highlighted just how important loafers are, and they’re certainly amazing shoes to wear with skinny jeans. If you want to opt for a geeky and casual ensemble, then this is something you would certainly love. You can choose to don tasseled, pointed, backless, or flatform loafers.

Chunky Booties and Sandals

Current footwear to pair your skinny jeans with is chunky booties and sandals. Show off your fashion flair by owning this hot trend! Just make sure not to wear too clunky footwear as it will look sloppy with your tight jeans. Take inspiration from Jaime King and Eva Longoria on how to wear this ensemble.   

Classic Pumps

Wearing classic pumps with skinny jeans is, of course, a no brainer. It not only looks good, it also lengthens the legs and this is something many women are aiming to have. The simplicity of these shoes to wear with skinny jeans doesn’t take away its chic and sexy vibe.


If you want to dress down but would still want to maintain amazing fashion sense, then putting on sneakers with your skinny jeans is a great idea. Dress down days does not mean horrible outfits if you’re donning your reliable bottoms with cute and comfy sneakers. This is also something you should consider wearing especially when running around to do errands.

Ballet Flats

Looking for comfort but not a fan of sneakers? Then ballet flats are the alternative you’re looking for. A skinny jean paired with this footwear is another good idea as you can match it with one that has pointed toes, embellishments, or straps.

Skinny jeans are definitely here to stay this 2017. So, make sure to make the best and most out of it by wearing matching shoes.