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Image: Shutterstock/Anna Omelchenko

It seems like common sense to be showering every day in order to have good hygiene, right? Not necessarily. When you lather up with soap in the shower, your skin is rid of bacteria and oils that have built up throughout your day. But if you wash your skin clean of these oils and bacteria every day, your skin doesn’t have time to rebuild the good oils and bacteria back up, which damages it. If you’re worried about your hair being oily, washing it everyday can actually make your scalp produce more oil. Shampoo dries out your skin, which makes it over-produce oils, making your hair even more greasy.

So what should you do? Showering every 2-3 days is recommended. In the meantime, dry shampoo is a lifesaver for helping your hair not look like a greasy mess. Our favorite is from Batiste because it comes in a ton of scents, and even a shade for dark brunettes! Not to mention it’s easy on your wallet at less than $10. When you notice your hair getting a little oily, section it off at the crown and lightly spray the dry shampoo about ten inches away from your head, letting it soak the oil up for a few minutes. Then, brush it through and style it as you normally would.

Okay, so what about those of us who workout daily? It seems crazy not to shower after a good sweat session! One tip is to take a body shower soon after you workout to get the sweat off of your skin so it doesn’t clog your pores. Just pin up your hair with a towel and avoid getting your hair wet. Soon after your workout is done, it is also important to wash your face so the sweat from your workout doesn’t cause acne. After making sure you’re all clean, dry shampoo becomes your best friend once again. Spritz as much as you like into your scalp, making sure to brush it out after it soaks up all of the oil and sweat.

After taking a few days off from washing your hair, you should notice a difference in your hair feeling healthier and less oily. Following these steps will improve the overall health of your hair, and prevent the washing away of essential oils from your scalp every day!