You know that your age or gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to finding skincare products that compliment your skin. Yet, you can count on one hand how many times you’ve browsed your local drugstore, trying to find just one product that doesn’t scream “Instagram endorsement” and actually takes your skin type into consideration.

Sometimes it feels like skincare for men is a completely different battlefield. Even though everyone struggles with skincare issues at some point in their life, most skincare tips and products are catered towards women. You’re pushed to either borrow your girlfriend’s favorite cleanser or suck it up and move on with your day.

Here’s the problem. The genetic makeup and structure of men’s skin is completely different from women’s. Men usually have larger pores and overactive sebaceous glands, which means that your skin is more prone to breakouts and oiliness than your girlfriend. Your girlfriend’s facial routine, no matter how basic, isn’t going to cut it.

But your morning routine should consist of more than simply washing your face with soap and hoping for the best. You don’t have to spend a fortune on products that come with hefty price tags and zero benefits.

These skin care tips are super easy to implement into your daily routine, and won’t set you back.

1. Our number one tip when it comes to skincare for men? Throw out your cheap razors.

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You have to learn to pick your razors the same way you pick out your cologne. You shave on an almost daily basis, so why not treat your skin to something with higher quality? These razors by Gilette will give you a nice, clean shave without having to sacrifice your skin. Gilette’s Skinguard razor only has two blades, instead of five, which will decrease your chances of irritating your skin.

2. Invest in a good face cream or moisturizer.

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When it comes to skincare for men, using a facial moisturizer is an absolute must. It doesn’t have to smell fancy or cost an arm and a leg to be good. Even though men tend to have oilier skin, hydration is still important. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is light and hydrating.

3. The only after-shave that should touch your face is alcohol-free.

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It’s no secret that alcohol dries your skin. Yet, you put it on your face almost daily when you shave. Up your shaving game by using an aftershave that is alcohol-free and packed with ingredients that are kinder to your skin. Lather & Wood’s Aftershave Balm comes in a sandalwood scent and a fragrance-free option. Although this after-shave is pricey, it is loaded with natural ingredients designed to enhance your skin’s soft texture.