I have dry skin. Like, it feels tight and uncomfy if I don’t do my skincare routine morning and night. So with the weather finally feeling like fall (hallelujah everything pumpkin spice), my skin needs a little extra TLC. My dry face is the perfect excuse to spend an embarrassing amount of time on my skin each night – and boy has it paid off.

I have been testing out the Skin Care Management System by Jan Marini. I’ll go over each product in detail below, but my overall thoughts on the system?


This stuff is professional-grade and highly concentrated with ingredients that are proven to heal every problem you could think of with your skin. Now, it’s a bit pricey – but isn’t your skin worth it? Plus, the entire kit will last you forever and deliver consistent results. In my mind, the price is worth it.

So, here are each of the products included in the kit and why I love them so much.


This cleanser is creamy and delicious. With that being said, I wouldn’t use it to remove your makeup – use a foaming cleanser for that first. It moisturizes while it gently cleans and exfoliates skin – a win in my book.


If you get one thing from this kit, it should be this vitamin c serum. It’s nothing short of amazing. It’s sort of creamy, which surprised me a bit the first time I used it. It spreads over the skin so flawlessly, and it even has a pleasant smell! This product has given my skin the most improvement so far – smoother, brighter, and happier skin.


This moisturizer has a powerful combination of glycolic, salicylic and azelaic acid provide a broad-range of benefits for dramatically smoother, clearer, more luminous looking skin. This stuff is great if you suffer from cystic acne, or have trouble with pimples at *that time of the month* if you know what I mean. Every time I apply this stuff at night, I wake up and my face feels tighter.


If you have dry skin… YOU NEED THIS. They created this product with a patented growth factor, peptide, and antioxidant solution that feels like you’re putting straight up silk on your skin. It’s super thick and luxurious, and it really just does it’s job. With regular use, this moisturizer will help with tired, dull, and aging skin to lift it and help you look like you’re glowing.


This moisturizer/sunscreen is gorgeous under makeup. It gives your skin the perfect amount of moisture and provides a smooth canvas for any makeup you apply on top. It has a similar scent to the vitamin c serum, which I appreciate. You can never go wrong with a good daytime moisturizer with SPF.

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