sock bun
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Nothing looks quite as classy as a swept up or swept back bun. They are back in style and it is the perfect style to add instant glamour to any occasion. If you are tired of wearing loose styles and need to come up with something quick and simple, the sock bun is great for every hair type!

If you have not done this particular style before, then you should consider giving it a try. Sure, you can purchase a foam doughnut ring at any beauty supply store; but why spend when you can save money and make your own for free? Here are a few basic techniques to creating the sock bun so that you can have perfect results every time!

Selecting The Right Sock and Cutting its Ends

The first step that you need to follow is selecting the perfect sock for the bun. You should consider finding an old or lost sock that is no longer in use. Make sure that the sock does not have any loose threads. Another important factor you need to keep in mind is selecting a sock color that will blend invisibly with your own hair color. The longer the sock you select, the bigger and thicker your bun will be, depending on hair length.

Once you have selected the sock, you can use a sharp scissor to cut off the toe-end of the sock. Next, roll up the toeless part of the sock into itself, creating a ring shape. Keep rolling the sock until it is the size of a doughnut. The shape of the sock should be perfect so you do not have to face issues with a lopsided bun. Now you are ready to create your style.

Creating a Ponytail and Placing The Sock

The next step is to create a ponytail and secure it with hair elastic or a scrunchie. If you have very short hair, put the ponytail wherever you can gather the most length – which is at the top rear section of the head. Once you have put the hair into a ponytail, pull the sock bun through the ponytail. Make sure to allow about two inches of hair through the sock donut. Make sure that all the hairs are settled in the sock. Now you are ready to create a bun

Finishing Your Sock Bun

Finishing your sock bun can be the tricky part. Make it sure that no hair is sticking out of the sock bun. Next you will have to tuck the two inches of hair around the sides of the bun and bring them into the center. After that, you will have to roll the sock down expertly. Make sure that you are holding the ends of your hair at the center of the sock and then roll the hair around the bun down to the base of the ponytail. Grab a few hairpins to secure the bun. Spray the hair and comb it properly to finish the style. And now you have a perfect sock bun with no loose ends!

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