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Who hasn’t given into the temptation of a splurge at Sephora? It’s like those classy black-and-white stripes lure you in and you’ve spent a fortune before you know it. It’s all fun and games, until you’re looking at the budget for the rest of the month and realizing you might end up eating ramen because you can’t eat lipstick. You don’t have to give up on your makeup indulgences, but you can take a few steps to budget beauty products better.

Here’s how to budget beauty products like a boss.

Look Up Product Reviews While Shopping

That gimmicky new mascara looks fun and hey, who doesn’t want fuller, lusher lashes? But whipping out your smartphone in the store to check a few product reviews can end up saving you some bucks if it turns out the mascara is just going to clump up your lashes. While you’re looking up the product, you might find out if it’s cheaper elsewhere, too.

Request Free Samples

Everyone knows about the free samples you get when you order from Sephora online. But did you know that you can get them in the store, too? It’s totally worth your time to ask a beauty advisor in store for a free sample so you can try the product first. You may find that the foundation color that looked so great in the store isn’t such a good match when you try it at home. You just saved yourself from wasting $40.

Find Product Dupes at the Drugstore

Any makeup trend starts out with expensive high-end products first but gets knocked off quickly. Before you know it, that exclusive shade of blush you could only get for $30 is now available in a drugstore brand for less than a third of the price. The quality and wear of color cosmetics is much better than you might imagine. There’s often not as much of a difference as you would expect. If you need to save money, this is usually a good place to start.

Use Your Splurges on Smaller Sizes

Everyone needs a splurge sometimes. But obviously a $20 product is going to make a much smaller impact on your budget than an $85 product. Instead of buying a full bottle of perfume on impulse just because it smelled good when you spritzed it on in the store, choose the roller ball instead and save a ton of money. (Or wait for the next big holiday and ask for it as a gift from your sweetie!)

Know Which Products Are Non-Negotiable

Some purchases at Sephora are fun splurges that you totally don’t need. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, a little bit of willpower can help you avoid these unnecessary purchases. But it’s also important to know which products are 100% non-negotiable in your beauty routine. Maybe it’s a skin cleanser that doesn’t break you out, a pricey hair product that tames your frizz better than anything else, or a foundation in that perfect exact shade. When it comes down to it, prioritize your beauty spending on the products that you really can’t live without.