Summer sunny lifestyle fashion portrait of young stylish hipster woman walking on the street, wearing cute trendy outfit, drinking tasty smoothie, smiling enjoy her weekends, travel with backpack
Image: Shutterstock/Ann Haritonenko

Spring has sprung!  With the beautiful weather and chirping birds, our shoulders, legs, feet, and arms emerge from their winter slumber to be kissed by the sun once again.  But, is your wardrobe ready?  Each spring and summer, new trends take shop windows and closets by storm.

It can be hard to keep up with what is “in” each season but we have compiled a list of spring trends for your guidance. Thank us later!


Pink is classically feminine and will look good on any woman, really.  It is a universally accepted “girly girl” color.  But, it is also an amazing spring color.  Get jewelry, shoes, tops, pants and more in this color and look ready for spring fun! 

Shades of pink to look for: pale, baby pink, and rose colored pieces.


Nothing screams “Welcome Spring” like a great floral.  And, you can find amazing floral designs in a million different colors, patterns, and cuts for just about any event.  Try a floral dress for a garden party or, to be a bit more understated, an adorable floral bag for work. 

Patterns to keep an eye out for include: classic roses, retro daisies, mixed florals, tropical prints.


Stripes are another classic pattern that is everywhere this spring.   They can be incorporated into basically any look for any occasion or event.  Wear a great striped blouse buttoned up with a bolo tie for work and then undo a few buttons and roll up the sleeves for an evening out.

Style Tip: Never wear horizontal stripes on parts of your body you want to minimize.  Wear vertical stripes for an elongating effect.

Bra Out

Most girls have been lectured at one time or another about covering up their bra straps.  Or, even worse, we have crammed ourselves into a strapless bra for an event or taped our boobs down to tame them in a great evening outfit.  But, bras are having a moment in the spring.  So, let them show!

Everyday Woman Tip: Let your bra straps show in a sundress or under a sheer top.  The runway looks (with bras totally out) are a bit extreme for the everyday lady.


Semi-opaque is a synonym for semi-sheer, which is a synonym for fun.  A sheer top or bottom can look sexy and allow you to keep cool in the spring temps.  It is fun to play around with undershirts, tank tops, slips, and more when wearing these pieces.

Style Watch:  Get something with embroidery in the sheer pieces for an “overlay” look straight off of the runway.


Cargos, pockets, khaki, and olive are all over the runways and in department stores this spring. They are not only supremely comfortable and cute, they add a little androgyny to your look.

Utility Tip:  Head to toe utility styles can make you look like you are going into a battle.  Try pairing them with ultra-feminine pinks or florals to achieve a balance.


The trench will never, ever go out of style. It is a classic, sleek and sexy.  This spring, light trenches with amazing details and sexy, feminine touches will keep you looking put together, but comfortable.

Trench Advice:  Short women, be careful.  Get a trench that is the right length so that you do not look even tinier buried in a huge, long coat.


There is nothing more adorable, feminine, and flirty than a ruffle… and designers know it. Use a ruffle to give your breasts a slightly larger appearance. Or, twirl and dance in a skirt with a ruffle hem.

Ruffle Watch:  Keep an eye out for ruffles in interesting or unusual places on the garment to create a very high-end look.

This list of spring trends is not comprehensive but it hits the high points. The truth is, these trends never really go out of style – they just go dormant.  Isn’t the fun of fashion watching it all come back around again… but just a little different each time?