Close up portrait of cheerful pretty young woman in glamour stylish casual outfit posing near theatre , walking summer day. Brunette wavy hairstyle. Looking at camera.
Image: Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

Spring is a great time to bring a new style into your life. Along with cleaning out all that old baggage this spring, maybe it’s time to clean out all those old, tired makeup styles. The spring 2017 fashion runways had some excellent points of inspiration for new spring makeup styles. From minimalist looks to wild colors, there’s sure to be a style worth adopting for any taste. Below are some of the top spring 2017 makeup trends.

Matching berry eyes and lips: One look from the runways is a red berry lip with matching red eye shadow. On the runway, it’s applied thick, bright and bold, but you can get away with a lighter red on the eyelid for everyday wear.

Bronzed matte: A more basic look is a nude makeup style with just a little bit of bronzing over the cheekbones.

Bright pastel lips: Nothing says spring like pastels. So a bright, bold pastel lip is huge. One iconic look off the runways is a bright blue pastel that still somehow manages to look neon.

Electric blue eyeliner: Along the same lines, bright blue eyeliner is huge if you’re looking for a statement trend. This goes just above the eyelashes.

Soft charcoal eye: For a more muted look, a soft eye with grey eye shadow is big this year. It’s so soft, it looks like a smoky eye, but the eye shadow doesn’t go above the crease of the eye.

Pastel pink eye shadow: One look is a pretty, feminine pastel pink on the eyes. It’s a muted look that goes well anywhere at anytime.

Dark eyeliner: Another look is to go with just some dark eyeliner with a bare or nude eye. You apply the eyeliner heavy above and below the eyelashes, and then let the liner do all the talking.

Bright pink lipsSpring is the time to break out all of your favorite bright colors and welcome them back into your life. So a popular color for spring this year is a blazing, almost neon, pink.

Matte lips with a pink flush: Another style that looks great for everyday wear, this makes use of a basic soft pink matte lipstick. Then a pink flush is applied with blush around the outer and upper parts of the cheekbones. This look keeps a nude eye.

Minimalist dark lips: Dark lips are carrying over from the fall/winter looks. Fashion is sometimes about breaking the rules, and this look does it right. It’s a bold, dark lip that pairs with minimalist or nude makeup so as to not compete with the lip.