spring ombre and color melt hair colors

Spring always means a fresh start, so it’s the perfect time to get a new look, like a bright spring ombre! Two of the hottest looks are still ombre and color melt styles. They’re the perfect way to get a little bit of a fresh look for a new season. You don’t have to dye all your hair, and spring ombre hair is usually light on the bottom. So it’s a great way to incorporate some of the lighter and brighter shades of the season, too. Below are several ways to wear ombre and color melt styles that will look stellar in spring.

Rose gold color melt: One of the hottest hair colors right now is a stunning rose gold shade. This look cues into that style by starting with a dark base and then leading into a perpetually brighter and deeper rose gold shade.

Subtle light ombre: If you have darker hair and want just a little bit of a brighter color for spring, go with a classic ombre that is just a few shades lighter than your natural color. This look has lighter shades in the bottom third of the hair’s length.

Platinum color melt: This look starts with dark hair on the top, leads into wispy platinum highlights and ends with platinum tips. It’s the perfect way to ease into the brighter blonde looks that are the most popular in the warmer months.

Ash ombre: A classic look that gets the lighter shades of spring, but keeps a more muted look, is ash blonde ombre. It starts with a darker color and then turns to an ash blonde about halfway down the hair’s length.

Purple color melt: If you’ve always wanted to try a fashion color, the purple color melt could be your gateway style. Darker purple shades run more muted than most fashion shades. On top of that, this style starts with a natural dark hair color at the top. Then there’s a deep purple in the middle and a bright pastel purple on just the tips.

Grey and violet ombre: Another way to get some brighter colors into your look for spring is to go for the popular #grannyhair look with subtle violet roots. It’s more on the statement side of things, but it’s a stunning look.

Honey color melt: One of the best colors for spring is always a radiant honey blonde to celebrate the return of sunny warmth into our lives. This look starts with darker roots, leads into a medium brown and ends with honey blonde on the bottom third of the hair’s length.

Soft ombre bob: Ombre can work on shorter hair, too. A nice medium brown ombre with a darker base is a stunning look that lightens up hair a bit.

Pastel ombre: Pastels are always popular in the spring, and they even look great in hair. Try subtle pastel tips if you’re feeling bold.