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There’s another type of rainbow trend blowing up all over social media: rainbow freckles. It’s what it sounds like. It’s painting or applying freckles to the face that are shades of pink, green, blue, or whatever color you want.

Rainbow freckles are easy and straightforward to apply. You can basically go two different directions with it. One is to slightly dab on some liquid lipstick in a freckle pattern on the checks and around the eyes. If you want to go really bold with it, you can apply some Vaseline to your checks and apply technicolor sequins over it for more of a shimmery, glittery look.

As for choosing rainbow freckles shades, there’s a little bit of an art to it. This look is great with rainbow hair, if you’re interested in rocking that look. You could paint on freckles to match the hair color, but switch it up in shade for visual interest. For instance, purple hair would look good with dark and light purple freckles. People also choose freckle colors that are close on the color wheel to the hair color for a small bit of contrast, like purple freckles with blue hair.

Any hair color can go with multiple freckle colors for a bright rainbow look.

Natural hair colors can pull off any rainbow freckle color. Though it still might be a good idea to go with different shades of one color for visual interest.

If you want to be on the more subtle side with the rainbow freckles look, an option is a shimmery metallic shade. Usually silver works best. This will give an accented, shimmery look, rather than a bright rainbow statement trend.

As far as rainbow freckles placement, there are multiple ways to wear this look:

On the cheeks and around the eyes

One of the most common looks you’ll see pop up is to apply the bright dots on the top of the cheek under the eye and up around inner corners of the eyes, since that’s where many natural freckles tend to be.

Over the bridge of the nose and on the cheeks

Another common area freckles appear, so it’s a natural for rainbow freckles.

Over the cheekbone

This is a more subtle way to apply the look. It’s more an accent look and goes great with light metallic shades.

Sparse and around the eyes

This looks best with different shades of the color, and applied in larger dots. Shimmery metallic shades also look great with style, too.