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Stay Hydrated For Better Skin, Amazing Hair & To Lose Weight

It’s difficult to stay properly hydrated. We live in a world of high-sodium diets, being stuck near the world’s grossest-looking drinking fountain and plain forgetfulness.

Yet we’re told time and time again that once you’re feeling thirsty, that technically means you’re already dehydrated. You may have even seen the “75% of Americans are dehydrated!’ claim, though the fact-checking site disagrees with it. There’s a lot of debate out there about how much water we should consume, and conventional wisdom gives the eight glasses of fluids benchmark, even if that doesn’t necessarily hold as a hard-and-fast rule for everybody.

No matter how much we want to debate it, though, making sure you drink enough water is just a good rule of thumb because being dehydrated can spell some bad side effects for beauty. Following are the reasons you should keep hydrated if you want to stay beautiful.

Better Skin

One of the best ways to hydrate skin is to do it from the inside. Water maintains skin’s moisture and carries nutrients to skin cells. Moist skin means less wrinkles and fine lines, and drinking water can actually plump up skin to fill in those wrinkles. Think of it like the cheapest anti-aging serum you’ll ever buy.

Water also works from the inside by flushing toxins out of the body and boosting metabolism, which will show in a radiant complexion. One of the holistic ways to combat acne is also to drink tons of water. Common assessments range from one liter per day at least to 50% of your body weight in ounces, so 75 ounces for a 150-pound person. Some people notice a change with acne, others say they do not. It may be worth a try.

Amazing Hair

A popular holistic beauty hack is to drink water to make hair grow faster. The water flushes toxins out of the body, which in turn is reputed to make hair grow faster. Water is so good for your body overall, it’s certainly worth a shot.

As far as overall hair quality goes, water also helps carry nutrients to the cells, meaning healthier cells that grow hair. Hair also has greater access to the nutrients it needs to grow. That all means healthier, stronger and smoother hair.

Weight Loss

Trying to loose a few pounds for beauty reasons, like you’re trying to fit into a particular dress? Drinking a lot of water is a great way to shed those pounds. Water fills the stomach, leading to reduced food cravings. Sometimes hunger can actually be mistaken for thirst issues, as well.

Plus, that’s not calorie-intensive soda you’re guzzling. Even diet soda has been proven not to be an effective tool in weight loss, since artificial sweeteners actually trigger your body to expect and crave the sugar that never comes from the soda. So reach for the hydrating water instead. Your skin, hair and that dress will thank you.