Stiletto nails
Image: Pexels

If you are the kind that is looking to stand out or you are just searching for a manicure fashion trend that yells, “I am bold and daring,” then you should contemplate in going for some long, pointed stiletto nails.

Stilleto Nails: What Are They?

You can only describe stiletto nails as being both fierce and bold. They are oval-shaped nails, long, and mostly pointed at the tips. There are also those that prefer to have their stiletto nails rounded at the tip, but that look is not too popular. One thing all stiletto nails have in common is that they are extremely long.

These kinds of nails are for women who dare to be different, mixing elegance and class with the extreme. You have to be careful with stiletto nails because they can cause you injuries. However, there are people who still want them because they love the look it gives.

Long nails have recently become popular after celebrities like Fergie, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna was seen sporting their design on different occasions. Stiletto nails were in existence since the 1950s. As the trend started to go viral, women were falling in love with the look that symbolized both danger and elegance. And that is what stiletto nails are good for.

They add the finishing touch to any woman’s attire, whether it is a corporate or a social event. But most of us usually tend to forget or rather prefer to neglect the hands. With the creation of nail art on the up and up, there is virtually no excuse not to choose to neglect your fingernails. You can either decide to do them yourself at home or go to a salon.

Long nails are known to always make a girl feel more elegant and when you add creative nail art to that, it completes the look. Nail art allows you to experiment with different designs and colors until you find the combination that best suits you.

Complications with Stiletto Nails

1. Once you have your stiletto nails done, you should be aware of the dangers of them near your eyes unless you ready to willingly lose one or even both of them. You must always use extreme caution when wearing nails like these.

2. If you use contacts then you have to set them aside because you will not be able to put them on with these nails. So it is back to your old glasses.

3. No texting. Have you tried texting with long nails before? So get ready for reduced speed in your texting while you try to familiarize yourself typing with your stiletto nails.

4. Very high cost of maintenance.

5. You would probably always need help when it comes to wearing anything involving zip, button, or lace.

6. Constantly fearing that you might break one. Crying over broken nails is so real.


1. Tons of compliments from your girlfriends.

2. It provides you more surface room for any design idea. Literally, anything is possible.

3. Better skin. If you suffer from always picking at your skin even though you know that constantly touching your face is the worst thing for your complexion, pointy stiletto fingers will aid you to drop the bad habit almost immediately.

The fact remains, whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying their elegance and fierce beauty always make a statement.