By: Ahmed Sinan

We’d guess just about every girl dreads the daily task of removing eye makeup before going to bed. We rarely go without our makeup, but we’d definitely never hit the pillow without rinsing our face. So you think the main reason to wash off your makeup every night is too prevent a breakout? Think again. Makeup holds onto free radicals which exposes your face to the breakdown of collagen, creating unwanted fine lines. But leaving your makeup on overnight will also clog your pores, which leads to acne. As far as eye makeup goes, sleeping in it will damage your lashes and eyelids making your makeup look worse down the line. Tiny hair follicles and oil glands on your eyelids can get clogged and eventually build up and cause inflammation. Little styes or hordeolums can form on your eyelids as a result, and these are often only cured by seeing the doctor.

Before you simply purchase a fancy face and eye makeup remover, try one of our DIY methods. This is less of a DIY recipe and more so something you should already have at home. Grab a cotton ball or tissue and add a pump or drop of eye cream or lotion. Rub this over your closed eyes for complete eye makeup removal, as well as instantly moisturized, soft eyes. We prefer using an eye cream so that we are killing both our makeup and wrinkles simultaneously.

For your face, just use face wash like you normally would. Makeup remover does not always have the same kind of ingredients needed to cleanse and exfoliate your face, as well as clear up acne. Washing your face thoroughly will automatically remove the face makeup too. Besides, it can be harmful to apply too many different products to your face at once due to the many ingredients.

If you prefer to stick with makeup remover, buy the remover pads or wipes instead of a bottle of remover. Keep these pads by your bed for a quick wipe that instantly gets all of your makeup off. This method is much faster than having to scrub at your face, and aren’t we all simply trying to save time?