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One of the worst parts of changing seasons can be the influence that the weather has on our bodies. Hands and lips have a tendency to dry out with certain weather, which is not fun at all. Cold weather specifically has the ability to cause dried hands and chapped lips. Once your lips become chapped, they can be hard to get back on track. No matter how much Chap Stick you apply, it can be hard to nourish lips that are dried out and chapped. Nothing is worse than trying to apply lipstick to dried out lips. So, we are here to help you get on track with a plan to get your lips in tip top shape.

The key to having and maintaining moist, nourished, and plump lips is to be proactive with your lip routine. No matter what products you use, make sure you are intentional about staying consistent, because consistency is the key to soft lips. If you’ve never dealt with chapped lips, you are one lucky girl. Most of us have experienced the discomfort of chapped lips before and have learned the importance of nourishing lips to keep them as soft, supple, and as kissable as possible. Although some lips are more prone to dryness than others, we can all benefit from maintaining a lip routine.

The first step is to always have a lip balm on hand at all times. This can include rose salve, coconut balm, or any other products that have strong moisturizing abilities. Apply the balm to your lips as often as possible—when you wake up, throughout the day, and before bed. The more often you apply lip balm, the more you will thank yourself.

The second step is to exfoliate your lips before bed using a non-toxic lip scrub. Gently massage the scrub all over your pout and then rinse off with water. This will rid your lips of any unwanted dead skin, which will even out your lip texture.

The third and final step is to use oil on your lips. A favorite of ours is coconut lip oil because it hydrates and makes lips feel more plump. We recommend that you apply lip oil after exfoliating and right before bed, so that the oil can absorb into your lips while you are sleeping. Don’t forget to apply new lip balm when you wake up, though.

If you have been struggling with chapped lips and you decide that your lips need some extra care, do some research to find the products that best match your specific lip goals. Be intentional about applying the products liberally throughout the day, and then sit pretty and enjoy the feeling of soft, smooth, and hydrated lips. Applying lipstick and feeling confident with your smile will come a lot more naturally if you use the right products and stick to a routine. You got this!