Beautiful make up bag with cosmetics
Image: Shutterstock/slava17

If anyone knows the struggle of having a serious makeup addiction but living in a small space, it’s me. I’ve lived in a dorm room, a sorority house, and small apartments with shared bathrooms that offer no space for the stupid amount of makeup/beauty products I own. It’s a problem.

Throughout the years though, I have slowly discovered the best organized and pretty ways to hoard all of my makeup. If you haven’t already, try some of these quick ideas to help you organize everything.

Compartmentalize everything

When you have a large volume of products, separating everything into categories really helps. Makeup (which will be organized later), hair products, skincare products, body products (like lotions and body butters), shower products, and everything else all has a place. I like to keep all the products I use in the bathroom, in the bathroom. If you have a cabinet, invest in some sort of organizing device to keep your hair/skincare products in one place. You can even hang a shoe organizer over your door to hold things like hairspray or your curling iron. Get creative.

If you can’t fit everything in your bathroom (trust me, I’ve been there), try creating a small space in your room to hold it all. Bins work well to stand up products for easy access, as well as drawers. Really you can’t go wrong here, it’s all about what you can fit into your space.


If you’re lucky enough to have room for a vanity, make it amazing. We have a whole article dedicated to making your vanity as pretty as possible, so check that out here.

However, as far as organization goes, there are so many different ways for you to somehow store all the makeup you own. Mason jars of all sizes work really well to store lip products, brushes or anything else you can fit into them. I even spray painted some of mine gold to complement the rest of my room. For the rest of your products, acrylic drawers not only hold them all, they look pretty while doing it. They can either go on top of the vanity, or down below.


Perfume is one of the few things that looks beautiful out in the open. The gorgeous glass bottles don’t need to be hidden! Go to your local thrift shop and find a large spice rack, paint it, and place all your perfumes on it. Boom, you’ve got a pretty display of all your fragrances that takes up almost no room hanging on your wall.


Drawers are kind of the devil to me. I’ll spend time organizing them, and 5 seconds later it’s a huge mess and I don’t know what happened. To fix this problem, put some sort of device into your drawers to separate the products that live there. Surprisingly enough, a plastic kitchen utensil tray works perfectly to store eyeliners and other long and skinny products. You could also purchase regular drawer organizers depending on the shapes and sizes of the items you’re wanting to store.

Special furniture

There are special furniture items that are made for storing makeup, believe it or not. Pieces like this drawer set, or this one, are perfect for setting up right beside your vanity to keep makeup in. An obvious option is always looking at IKEA, since they have so many different choices. This drawer unit is widely used in the beauty community to store makeup, and it’s definitely sturdy enough to last you a while. Know the space you’re working with and you’ll be good.