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Image: vfedorchenko/Shutterstock

Looking for an excuse to try a new hairstyle? Adopting some of the top 2017 spring hair looks from runways might be that excuse you need. This year showed a special focus on refined elegance, from slicked-back spring hair to jeweled barrettes to twist ponytails. Below are some of the top hairstyles for spring 2017 that you just might want to try today.

Sleek and straight: One theme to spring fashion runways this year was sleek and straight hair brushed back away from the face.

Low pony with ribbon accent: One of the most unique features of this year’s spring fashion is a new take on the basic low ponytail. It looks the same, except for a long ribbon tied into the ponytail running the length of the hair. It just hangs there and adds a surprisingly elegant accent.

Volume with natural texture: Another fun look is to add plenty of volume to hair. Then you keep hair in a naturalistic texture, meaning waves and all-around messy locks. Think bedhead for longer hair.

Twist styles: A huge hit this spring is twisty styles, like twisting hair over the tie of a ponytail. To achieve this look, separate your hair into three equal parts. Tie the middle part in a ponytail at the back of the head. Twist one side section over the ponytail’s tie and then pin it under the ponytail. Do the same with the remaining section of the hair.

Shaggy bob with bangs: The shaggy bob with fringed bangs was a popular look on runways for spring fashion.

Single boho braid: A classic boho braid is always a winner when you want a casual and romantic style. This is just the basic, small three-strand braid that hangs in long and loose hair.

Twisted braids: One interesting look this spring is to do a basic three-strand braid in a ponytail. Then bend that braid over itself and tie the end of the hair around the ponytail tie. It creates a sophisticated knot pattern.

Jeweled barrettes: The must-have hair accessory of the spring is the jeweled barrette. It looks especially nice in those sleeked-back styles that are so popular this year.

Sleek waves: Precise waves are a hit this year. The look starts with a sleek and straight texture at the top of the hair, and then it turns to waves right below the ear.

Crimped ’80s hair: Bringing back the ’80s has been the bomb. Nothing says ‘80s like huge, crimped hair. If you want to bring this style into everyday use, try light crimps as accents in hair that’s not so ginormous.