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Asymmetrical bobs are always in style. Super chic, yet slightly high maintenance due to the required upkeep, this haircut is sure to turn heads. But whether you are considering one, are new to this cut, or have had one for a while, a perfectly flat-ironed bob can start to feel a bit boring and plain, no matter how much you love it. What can you do besides just blowing it out and/or flat ironing it every day? We’ve got some ideas to keep your asymmetrical bob looking fresh and funky.


This is a great tip for all hairstyles, especially when you get bored with your hair, but it works really well with bobs. While you may not be able to use barrettes, you can definitely use headbands. From these classic braided ones to this sparkly sequined one, you can find a variety of styles to suit your look and needs. Your local, independent beauty supply shop is also a good place to find interesting hair accessories, as is Etsy. Accessories also work as a good cover for second-day hair.

Part-y On

Switching up your part can also change the look and feel of this hairstyle. While a center part is clearly classic, a side part (you can switch the sides too!) can change it up and provide volume. When blow drying, be sure to add some extra time, and, use a round brush instead of flat one, giving hair more of a boost at the part. If needed, a volumizing spray like the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse can help provide lift at the roots.

Color Time

If your hair is short, you can really play with a range of colors, because if you don’t like it, it grows out sooner and it is easier to change colors. And instead of sticking to natural colors and highlights, you can easily add a section of a fantasy color, or even do a hidden color, so that just a little bit peeks out from underneath.

It’s Banging

Bangs with an asymmetrical bob? Talk about a statement cut. Bangs can create the right amount of extra panache for this bob. While it may be slightly more upkeep at the salon, it doesn’t require too much extra time with the flat iron or much additional product. And if the bangs do not end up working, or you just want another change, you can always find a pretty clip to use while they grow out.

Texturize It

Add a few, loose waves with a bigger barrel curling iron (1 ¼ inch) and a good hold hairspray, like the Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray. Looking for tighter coils? Try a ¾ barrel curling iron. For a more beachy look, add plenty of loose waves, further loosen them with your fingers, and then spray with the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray for texture and hold.

What are your favorite ways to switch up your bob?