It’s hard to beat the romantic look of curly hair with bangs–but it can also be incredibly difficult to wear this look. Like curly hair in general, a higher level of maintenance can be required to get curly bangs to stick to your desired shape (and length–since the shorter you cut your hair, the more tightly it will curl). Here are some tips and tricks for styling curly hair with bangs that require minimal effort, and achieve the maximum effect.

1. Go for longer bangs: The longer your bangs, the more styling options you’ll have. Longer bangs are more flattering, and give you more control over your look: You can take away length by encouraging your bangs to curl more tightly, or even pin them back if desired, but you can’t literally make them longer. (To get your bangs to curl more tightly, try twisting your individual hair strands while your hair is still wet.)

2. Cut your bangs dry: You should also ask your stylist to cut your bangs while your hair is dry, so you’ll have an accurate idea of what they’ll actually look like. If you get your bangs cut while your hair is wet, you might find that they end up shorter than you’d like once your hair dries out.

3. Stick to lightweight products that encourage curls: You’ll want to steer clear of heavy hair products that will weight your hair down. Go for hydrating shampoos and conditioners that won’t leave any greasy residue, and lightweight serums and leave-in conditioners like Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer ($29). This super lightweight product tames frizz while defining and enhancing your natural curls. Apply it to your hair while it’s still wet, and it’ll intensify your curls while boosting your hair’s shine.

4. Experiment with bands and bandanas: Cute hair bandanas, like Urban Outfitters’ 1976 Retro Headscarf ($12) and Madewell’s Bandana in Egyptian Gold ($12.50) look utterly perfect behind curly bangs. Sweeping your hair back with a colorful band or bandana can help you to achieve the perfect, laid-back, retro look.

5. Try out a high ponytail or topknot: To get a little more elaborate, you can experiment with putting your hair up in a high ponytail or topknot. Putting the rest of your hair up while leaving your bangs down will bring attention to your face and eyes. Meanwhile, your curly ponytail will look totally lively and eye-catching.

5. Throw in some golden highlights: To add even more dimension to your hair, experiment with root-to-end highlights that are a few shades lighter than your natural hair color. Lighter highlights will give your curly hair a sun-kissed look to match its vibrant texture; they’ll also make your bangs look more textured and multi-dimensional.

6. Experiment with an ombre look: You could also try out an ombre look that starts at the very ends of your bangs and sweeps down to the ends of your longest hair strands. This will break up your hair color, enlivening it and making it appear more full-bodied. It’ll bring attention to your eyes and face, while also looking gorgeous from the back.