style scarves

One of the hardest parts of winter can be staying warm in the midst of cold weather. No matter how much we try to avoid the fact that it’s not beach weather, we have to deal with the cold hard facts of winter weather. One of the key pieces I always pick to kick the winter blues is a whimsical scarf. With an endless array of options, there are bound to be scarves that fit your color, style, and fabric preferences. So head out there, buy your favorite scarf, and use this list of the top six ways to style scarves.

Add a pop of color

Winter outfits tend to be monochromatic. It’s easy to pick pieces in the same neutral color schemes—or even all black. By choosing a brightly colored scarf or a scarf with a fun pattern, you are adding the perfect pop of color to your winter look.

Drape chunky scarves over sweaters

For a look that is as effortless as it is chic, opt for this style. Choose a long and chunky scarf to simply drape around your neck. Let the scarf fall unevenly, so the fringe dangles when you walk. This style keeps you warm, but doesn’t feel constricting at all.

As a headband

Smaller scarves can be used as a headband to add a pop of color and keep your ears warm. This option is perfect for those late mornings and messy (but chic) updo days.

As a poncho

To incorporate your scarf as an integral part of your outfit, try wearing it as a poncho and then cinching it with a belt. It draws attention to your figure and keeps you nice and warm during the long winter months.

Tie the knot

Grab your favorite scarf and tie it into a knot around your neck. There are so many different kinds of knots to choose from, but each one offers a fun and sophisticated look. Check out Pinterest for tutorials on how to achieve various kinds of knots. There are tons of simple knots and complex knots to choose from.

Reverse it

Why not tie a scarf around your neck and let it drape on your back? This seemingly simple change to a traditional way to wear a scarf completely alters your look. By letting your scarf dangle to the back, it adds flair and style to your outfit from all angles. Try pairing this option with an off-the-shoulder top for added chicness!

There is no wrong way to wear a scarf. There are so many ways to change up your usual go-to outfits by simply adding and styling a scarf. Play around with scarves of different patterns, textures, and lengths to find what complements your wardrobe best. This one accessory has so much potential to take an outfit from being cute and simple to perfectly polished.