brazilian sugaring
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I wear dresses almost every day of the year but can never find the time to shave. Whenever I carve out time in the shower, it always ends up being a rush job that leaves my skin feeling prickly and irritated. One of my biggest pet peeves about shaving is that it doesn’t matter how well you prep your skin, you’ll have to do it all over again in just a few days.

If you know this struggle all too well, there’s another hair removal method that will change your life. Sugaring is a popular hair removal treatment that uses natural ingredients to get rid of pesky hairs. The sugaring paste or wax is made from a mix of hot water, sugar and lemon, which all work together to leave your skin feeling clean and smooth. It can be done at home or by a professional. Although it’s become popular in recent years, it can actually be dated all the way back to ancient Egyptian times!

There are so many benefits to sugaring that make it worth checking out.

It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
It’s purely made from lemon, hot water and sugar. This means that your chance of breaking out or having an allergic reaction to the wax is zero to none.

It’s less painful than laser hair removal.
A hair removal method that you don’t have to hold your breath for? Sign us up! One of the reasons why sugar waxing is less painful than laser hair removal and regular waxing is because it doesn’t stick to your skin; it only sticks to your unwanted hairs and removes them in the direction that they grow in.

It’s gentle on sensitive skin.
Waxing or shaving too often can cause your skin to look and feel irritated, which does not fit in with your plans to wear that dress. Luckily, there isn’t as much redness involved with sugaring since it doesn’t tug your skin.

You can create the wax yourself right in your kitchen.
Why spend a lot of money at the salon when you can do it for free? Chances are you already have the ingredients right in your fridge! Here’s how it works: First, pick an area where the unwanted hairs are. Next, coat the area in a thick layer of sugar wax and leave it on for about a minute. Once it hardens, you can either pull it off with your fingers or use a wax strip. If you’re unsure of doing it yourself, you can have it done by a body sugaring professional.

Cleanup is a lot easier.
All you need to use is water and you’re good to go. There’s no leftover wax residue that sticks to your skin for days. Goodbye stickiness, you will NOT be missed.

It’s much more sanitary than regular waxing.
Sugaring professionals use a fresh ball of sugar paste per customer, which means there’s no chance of double dipping into the same pot. It’s also impossible for bacteria to grow in high concentrations of sugar.