If you’re looking for a way to put some excitement into the summer months, perhaps a hair color change is in order? It’s a great way to turn heads as your new color catches the sun. So, below are several summer 2017 hair color trends.


Summer 2017 hair color trends:

Platinum ombre:

Nothing quite catches the sun like a bold platinum. But taking your hair down to that shade can be harsh on the strands. So just do the ends with a platinum ombre look.


Blorange hair was made for the summer 2017 hair color trends. Its tones of orange and honey are bright enough to look perfect in the warmer months. If you want to celebrate summer with a bold, fiery color choice, this is your pick.

Copper ombre highlights:

There’s nothing like a nice copper shade to add instant fire to a look. The bold, bright hue is great for the summer months. This look puts some bright copper highlights lower down on the strands, like around the ear and below.

Strawberry pinkish blonde:

This light, bright and nuanced shade is perfect for summer. It has tones of honey, orange and pink all mixed into one stunning look, with the roots showing the most pink.

Warm peach:

Another fiery shade, this look uses a more subtle tone of orange than the blorange style. The blonde shades in this style have hints of gold and orange. It all combines into an overall warm peach tone.

Cherry accents:

Speaking of fiery shades, celebrate the blazing days of summer with a bold cherry color. This look puts sections of cherry against black hair for some stunning contrast. Think chunky highlights, cherry tips or a top layer of hair that is all cherry. This is one of our favorite summer 2017 hair color trends.

Chocolate rose gold:

This look keeps tones of brunette as the base of the style. Then it adds highlights of deep pink and golden blonde tones. It’s a good way to brighten a base brunette shade for summer.

Bold roots:

Bold roots are a huge hit this summer. It’s a wonderfully casual look for the warmer months. It especially looks great with shorter cuts, as it adds some dimension to those shorter lengths.


A nice look anytime of the year is a subtle balayage. But think about adding it to long hair in the summer and then putting it up in a ponytail. It’ll add some interesting contrast between the lengths in the ponytail and the rest of the hair.

Bold violet:

Summer is a nice time for fashion colors. It’s fun to experiment if you’re off of school, and the shades can look stunning in the bright summer days. A real hit is a bold violet.


What are your favorite summer 2017 hair color trends? tell us in the comments!