The end of summer is a tricky time for beauty. Stores are starting to sport Halloween decorations, the nights might be getting slightly cooler and longer, and if you love fall, you can’t wait for the crisp weather and beautiful leaves ahead. But it’s still nice enough out to feel like summer, even sometimes into late September or early October. There’s truly an in-between time where you might not want to give up the eye makeup trends of summer, but it’s getting time to transition into fall.

That’s where transitional looks come in: trends that work in multiple seasons. And when it comes to eye makeup trends, seasonal looks dominate (think brighter colors for spring and darker colors for winter). Yet there are some eye makeup trends that work in both summer and fall.

Red smoky eye

Red is the perfect transition into fall. It’s still a bright enough color, suggesting the blazing summer days, but also hinting at the red fall leaves to come.

Navy blue cat eye

A cat eye is great any time of the year, but a navy cat eye won’t look too dark before summer is entirely over.

Golden eye

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

A basic gold eye shadow will hint at the rays of the summer sun, but also the golden yellow leaves of fall.

Bronze eye

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This eye shadow color is somewhere between light and dark, great for a transitional part of the year.

Peach eye

This bright shade still looks nice for summer, but isn’t a wild bright blue or violet like you’d see in spring or early summer.

Nude cat eye

Nude eye shadow and a basic black cat eye combine to make a look that is not too dark and muted.

Glitter under eye

Image: Tumblr
Image: Tumblr

Adding some shimmer right under the eye will brighten up any pre-fall look.

Light grey smoky eye

Image: Dressed in Mint
Image: Dressed in Mint

A dark smoky eye is a fall and winter favorite. Lighten it up for the last rays of summer sun by going light grey, instead.

Brown and green eye

A forest green shade on the bottom and a brown eye shadow on the top is a nice, earthy look that reminds people of summer. But it’s not too bright of a look into fall.

Dark green eye

This look also reflects the lush green plant life right before the leaves start to turn.