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Image: Shutterstock/Dari Ya

Super Easy Hairstyles For When You’re Crunched For Time

We’ve all been there: you need your hair to look nice, but you barely have any time. You may not have even had time to wash your hair, so it’s frizzy, crimped and sort of greasy. Well, you don’t have to result to any ugly hairstyles.

Easy hairstyles like updos are your best bet in this scenario. If you have dry shampoo on hand, make sure to apply it to your roots to try to get a bit of volume and get rid of the grease. If you don’t have any, no worries. That’s the beauty of the updo, your hair will still look good. Below are several easy hairstyles to make your hair come alive on those days when you just don’t have much time.

Messy Bun

This hairstyle is the pinnacle of fast updos. It makes the most of your mess and gives you an “I meant to do that” look. Simply pull hair up (the messier and looser the better) and tie a simple, quick bun. You can lightly tease your hair for added “messy” volume, if you wish.

Side Pony With Curls

This is a perfect look if your hair tends to go wavy when you haven’t had all the time in the world to wash and style it. Simply tie a side ponytail and give it some curls with a curling iron for a minute or two, if you want to accent the look. That will make it look like you meant for your hair to be wavy and tousled through the length. Add a stylish ponytail tie, like a faux diamond star, for added flair.

Halo Twist

Here’s a classic take on the half updo. Pull your hair back as you would in a basic updo, but twist the strands and pin them at the back, so one is on top of the other. Any remaining hair should fall downwards at the back.

Top Twist

One way to disguise greasy, flat hair at the top is with a simple twist. Instant volume and style. You can take a section of hair and give it one twist to the side, then pin with cross pins. Or take the top, front chunk of your hair, twist it, tease the hair lightly and pin it at the top of your head.

Twisted Ponytail

This is a classy, elegant look. Just tie the back half of your hair into a ponytail. Then take the right half of the loose hair in front, pull it back to the ponytail and pin it over the hair tie. Do the same with the left side of the loose hair, letting the hair fall to look like it’s part of the ponytail.

Side Braid Ponytail

This is as simple as it gets. Tie a basic three-strand braid on the side of your head. And then tie everything into a ponytail. It’ll work as a little accent so your ponytail looks like a conscious style, rather than a last-minute effort.