woman beautiful long eyelashes made in cosmetics salon, macro photography of pretty female eyelashes and part of face
Image: Shutterstock/Martin Gaal

Are thinning and short eyelashes a concern of yours? There’s no need to put on those false eyelashes if you don’t need to. Eyelash follicles are fragile and need tender loving care to grow out healthy and strong. When rubbed or tugged on, lashes are ‘traumatized’ and this could make them grow out thinner or fall out over time. Here are some unexpected things you can do to keep your eyelashes growing long and healthy.

Be Gentle

When removing eye makeup, don’t use excessive force. Instead of rubbing, use an effective, gentle eye makeup remover on a soft cotton pad, and gently press and hold instead. Makeup removers that contain pathenol, peptides and coconut oil are good for nourishing your eyelashes.

Condition Your Lashes

It’s great to condition your lashes, as they are just like the hair that grows on your head, which requires conditioning too. Apply a moisturizing product like Aquaphor or Vaseline at the lash line, which is where you apply your eyeliner. The goal is to have the lash follicles absorb the goodness, because that’s where new lashes grow from. Some eyelash conditioners contain moisturizers like ceramides and peptides, which help hair to grow.

Be Careful with the Eyelash Curler

When using an eyelash curler, loosen your grip and make sure you’re not clamping too tightly. Just 10-20 seconds is acceptable, but anymore than that and you could be damaging your lashes. Or try Japonesque’s mini heated eyelash curler instead!

Watch Your Diet

Hair is made of protein, and its quality is directly affected by the nutrients you are getting from your food. Try to include more protein-rich food in your diet, including foods that contain essential fatty acids. Some examples are nuts, soy, and fatty fish like salmon or tuna. Nourish your eyelashes by eating supplements that contain minerals and vitamins that support the growth of healthy hair.

Brush Your Lashes

Brushing out your lashes can help to clear out any dirt or dust particles, and it promotes better blood flow to the lash follicles. There are special combs made especially for your lashes, and brushing them out daily can make a difference in helping them grow thicker and longer.

Massage Your Eyelids

Stimulate your lash follicles by massaging your eyelids gently. When done regularly, this can make a real difference to the length and strength of your eyelashes. Be careful to be gentle though, because your eye area is fragile and does not require much pressure for this to be effective.

Lash Conditioning Mascaras

If you often use mascaras, why not consider one that conditions your lashes at the same time? Many new mascaras now contain lash-conditioning elements, which makes sense because you’re wearing it all day. Let your lashes absorb nutrients while staying perky.

Green Tea

Green tea contains flavonoids and caffeine, which can stimulate the growth and length of your lashes at the same time. Simply dip some cotton wool into freshly brewed green tea that’s been allowed to cool, and dab it directly on your eyelashes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a multipurpose cure-all that is used on many ailments. One way you can use it is applying it directly on your lashes using a cleaned mascara wand. With many powerful vitamins and nutrients, it helps to promote the growth of eyelashes and makes them stronger at the same time.

Natural Oils

Some kinds of natural oils include avocado oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil and argan oil. These can help hair to grow longer and stronger. Simply apply some oil onto a piece of cotton and dab it on your lashes before going to bed. Wash it off when you wake up and the oil will moisturize, nourish and improve the health of your eyelashes, helping them to appear long and shiny.

Have you heard of any of these methods? While they might seem a little weird, they really can help improve the appearance of your eyelashes. Give them a try and see if you can spot any differences! I’d love to hear your results below.