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Sweat Proof Makeup In 7 Easy Steps

Hot weather is finally on the way. That means fun in the sun…and sweating right through that perfect makeup day. If it’s 80 degrees and humid, your once-perfect makeup is bound to look streaked or plain worn off by the end of the day. Luckily, there are several tricks to sweat proof makeup.

Get The Right Products

Makeup manufactures have addressed the pain that comes from wearing makeup on hot days. You’ll especially want to make sure your foundation is sweat proof, since that is the makeup you are most likely to sweat right through. Many of these products will even contain an SPF.

Examples include Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Estee Lauder Double Wear. You can also try waterproof concealers like Lancome Paris Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer. Also look for waterproof eye shadows (Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream) and opt for long-lasting lip stains. If it’s a makeup product, it’s made in a waterproof version.

Remember The Primer

Since you really need your makeup to stick and need to cut back on shine/oil as the day goes on, remember to use a quality primer product before you apply your makeup. It’s what these products were made for.

Use A Makeup Setting Spray

To really get sweat proof makeup, use a setting spray before and after you apply your makeup to make sure it stays, even on the sweatiest of days. This double method will help your makeup stick to your skin far better.

Get Minimalistic

Sometimes wearing a ton of makeup on the most active and warm days can feel a little too heavy. Learn where you can skip on makeup and still look presentable. One idea is to forgo heavy lip colors and just use a balm. You can also apply a bit of highlighter on the center of your lips to accent your look without going all out.

Make Sure Lipstick Stays Put

If you want to go for lipstick on sweaty days, no worries. Just dab some translucent powder over the lipstick. That will help it stick throughout the day. Another idea to help lipstick hold is to put a fine layer of lip liner on your whole lips to give the lipstick something to grab onto.

Look For Lighter Colors

If and when your makeup does manage to run, nothing will look worse if it’s in dark, harsh colors, unless you’re starring in a My Chemical Romance tribute band. If you can’t invest in every waterproof makeup product on the planet, try to go on the lighter side of colors: peachy lip colors, rosy blushes, nude eyeliner and brown mascara.

Use Blotting Papers

Another trick is to avoid heavy setting powder all over your face. That runs the risk of look chalky once the sweating starts up. Instead, avoid or go light on setting powder over foundation and concealer. Keep some oil blotting paper on hand to blot up any sweat and oil throughout the day, if you need to.