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Gift Guide For Haute Holiday Hair 

Gift Guide For Haute Holiday Hair You don’t have to think twice about which of your friends or relatives are crazy about hair. Because people who love hair, obsess over hair. Hair products are in a complex world, which is why we’ve put together our…

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Beachy Waves Are Not Just For Summer 

Beachy waves rule the summer, but don’t stop rocking the look just because it’s fall! Beachy waves and deeper fall hair colors are all the rage this season. Kate WilkeKate Wilke is a 200-RYT yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She teaches and works…

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Easiest Curling Hack Ever 

No matter how often we curl our hair, it is no rare occasion for us to walk out the door with a few straight pieces. Curling is tough work, especially when you have a lot of thick hair or stubborn thin hair. Cut your styling…

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How To Pull Off The Half Up Knot 

We love the half up knot because we only have to worry about styling half as much hair as usual. The half up knot is beachy, laid-back, and fun. So fun, in fact, that it can be intimidating to try because it’s a bold style move. This simple…