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Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computer

Monday Motivation: De-Puff Your Eyes 

Monday Motivation: De-Puff Your Eyes Everyone gets a free pass to cry about whatever they want on a Monday. Perhaps your coffee spilled when crossing an unnecessary speed bump, or maybe it’s simply that your computer won’t load fast enough. We get it. Go ahead, it’s okay…

grey matte nail polish and coffee mug

2 Steps To Matte Nail Polish 

Most nail polish leaves a glossy, slick finish, but these days matte polish is the hottest trend. Instead of searching for these matte colors and spending a lot of money replacing your nail polish collection, try our DIY nail polish matte. This two-step tutorial is…

applying white eyeliner makeup

3 Ways To Use White Eyeliner 

When coming across white eyeliner at the beauty store, it is typically not the first thing we reach for. Surprisingly, this shade of liner is used backstage for runways and photoshoots and is a must-have for top makeup artists. White eyeliner plays a key role…

lemon juice sweat stain

Remove Icky Sweat Stains 

Okay, ladies, this is a really easy hack, and it’s one we’re probably too embarrassed to admit we need. Sweat stains are definitely not attractive, but luckily you can remove them with almost no effort whatsoever. Oh, and this method is safe on colors as…