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Monday motivation: Quick fixes for bad hair days

The buzz of the alarm clock on a Monday morning is rarely anyone’s favorite sound. Although you may have mustered enough motivation to drag yourself out of bed, withstand the harrowing experience of a chilly bath and resist the tempting call of breakfast, more for time management than dietary reasons, there couldn’t be a more discouraging occurrence than the sight of unsightly hair. That which can rarely be tamed in the nick of time. Agreed! Bad hair days are bothersome, but with these tips you won’t have to deal with them at all…not until you absolutely have to deal with them.

Hairdresser make braid in beauty salon

Headband Braids 101

Headband Braids 101 Want a classy and romantic look? You can’t go wrong with headband braids. These come in two varieties: natural and faux pieces. The faux pieces provide an easy addition to hair when you’re crunched for time. On the other hand, natural headband…

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15 New Ways To Wear Braids

15 New Ways To Wear Braids Braids are a classy, versatile hairstyle that everyone should know how to do. They are great at masking slightly dirty hair, you can use them in damp hair to make natural-looking wavy hair and they give off a Scandinavian…

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Top 15 Hairstyles For Spring

Top 15 Hairstyles For Spring Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to shake things up with your hairstyle. Whether you’re thinking of going long or short, below are the hottest hairstyles for spring. Side parts: Long hair swept from a side part…


3 Braided Hair Halloween Costumes

Halloween always sneaks up on us, which means we need costume ideas we can pull together ASAP! A little bit of wire braided into your hair can create dozens of looks. Here are three ideas to help you look flawless on Halloween with hardly any effort.